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Cisco Preferred Solution Developer

2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) makes the process of sending and receiving fax messages significantly more efficient. Users sending fax messages with 2Ring NetFAX  will only need procedures used in traditional office applications. The set of skills necessary for 2Ring NetFAX  is comparable to those for sending email messages or for printing a document.


2Ring CALL ACCOUNTING (CA) provides simple and efficient tools to manage telco costs effectively throughout whole enterprise. It helps managers:

  • To monitor phone expenses of the entire company,  help with the selection of tariff programs - voice costing
  • To bring more transparency in phone billing
  • To access data of various employee categories: managers, department heads, and regular employees, based on defined user access rights.
  • To distinguish between private and company calls.
  • To receive automatic reports via e-mail.

TAS supports RADIUS and SysLog CDR's to provide call logging and call accounting for companies with CUCM/CUCME call control systems.

A well-informed agent is a must for every well-run contact center. Serving customers in an efficient manner is the way to go. 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP presents agents with the proper information at the right time. Moreover, it allows agents to work with existing applications and tools from a single window, automates business processes, collects structured wrap-up information even during a call, and delivers many more productivity enhancements such as: 

  • Integration with your CRM web user interface in the 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP’s own embedded web browser.
  • Automation of contact center events to trigger preconfigured operations.
  • Lookup of customer information.
  • Pop-up preconfigured application.
  • Request skillgroup

2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS is an application focused on data collection and the recording of structured information about clients and their needs obtained during call handling in the contact center. It will be highly valued by companies running contact centers on one of the following platforms: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco UCCE), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Cisco UCCX), and Avaya (Aura Contact Center).

Unlike solutions that come as part of those platforms, 2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS can be available to agents from a call’s start, which significantly reduces the time agents spend on a call and increases the quality and relevance of the recorded data.

On the form, agents answer hierarchically structured questions by selecting one of the options or using a free text field. The ability to define questions and answers depending on the call type, skill-group and so on decreases the time necessary to fill out the form.


Every our project always starts with a very detailed analysis to make sure that our reporting specialists understand your requirements in detail and that we all use the same terminology. Based on the collected information, we will propose a set of custom reports that will turn raw data into information in its final form and structure. The next step is the selection of the platform to create the reports. If possible (and if the platform is able to handle your requirements without increasing licensing costs), we recommend sticking to the platform that you are working with and that already includes the other built-in reports that you use.

2Ring PHONE SERVICES will bring your employees corporate-wide and personal address books (directories), caller identification based on corporate and personal contacts, much faster searching for a phone number on IP phones (IntelliSearch), text messaging to IP Phones and Cell Phones, public announcements, PhoneLock, one-click-dialing from your MS Outlook and many more features.​

2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is a fully customizable solution for your contact center. Our reporting specialists will prepare customized web-based reports that will show up-to-date information about your Cisco contact center (or even the entire corporation). Moreover, these reports will be available where you need them - on the individual desktops of agents, supervisors, or managers and even on plasma screens in your contact center as part of the 2Ring WB solution.

A true essential power pack that will significantly extend the capabilities of what can be done in Cisco Finesse and improve user-experience of your agents and supervisors. The modular power pack include four basic features - 2Ring infoPANEL, 2Ring TEAM, 2Ring BROWSER and 2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS.


Operating as a Cisco Contact Center agent directly from Cisco Jabber for Windows or from a browser on your favorite device 

Cisco Contact Center can be easily integrated even with solutions that do not support iFrames (e.g. MS CRM)

Agents / Operators using 2Ring COMPACT AGENT spend significantly less time in training sessions

Under time pressure, the simplified interface of 2Ring COMPACT AGENT makes it easy to have new staff members process calls coming into the Contact Center or start working on an important outbound campaign. New agents can be literally up and ready in a matter of minutes - with nothing to be installed on their workstations

Improved return on investment for the Cisco Contact Center. The clean user interface of 2Ring COMPACT AGENT makes it significantly easier to utilize the existing Cisco Contact Center services by users from traditional departments (collections, logistics, ..)

Collaboration among contact center agents and staff working in other "traditional" departments is possible. Agents and Supervisors with Cisco Finesse can review which experts (logged in to the contact center via 2Ring COMPACT AGENT) are ready / available. This positively impacts first call resolution

BYOD boosts morale and the satisfaction of agents / supervisors with their work environment. 2Ring COMPACT AGENT runs on desktops & mobile devices (Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Cisco Jabber for Windows, Cisco DX 650, Windows desktops, phones and tablets - such as Surface)

2Ring COMPACT AGENT running inside of Cisco Jabber is a strong reason for organizations that already run or plan on investing into Cisco Contact Center to use Cisco Jabber and not MS Lync

Investing in a solution built around Cisco Finesse API, the present and future for all Cisco Contact Center platforms

Using a solution built around Cisco Finesse API, the present and future for all Cisco Contact Center platforms

Having your say in our roadmap. It is an open and customizable solution, so let us know what matters to you

Enjoying peace of mind since the solution is Cisco Compatible against Cisco UCCX10 and UCCE10

Bringing the overall cost of the platform down since the solution is part of the Cisco Solution Incentive Program (Cisco Resellers ask us where to download the application form)

Running a solution that is built, further developed and supported by 2Ring, a Cisco Preferred Solution Developer