2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) makes the process of sending and receiving fax messages significantly more efficient. Users sending fax messages with 2Ring NetFAX  will only need procedures used in traditional office applications. The set of skills necessary for 2Ring NetFAX  is comparable to those for sending email messages or for printing a document.


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2Ring BUSINESS FAX (NetFAX) solution will bring significantly more effectivity and flexibility to your companys communication processes. It will help your employees and managers:

  • To communicate by fax effectively and with ease.
  • To save companys financial resources for 3rd party software and hardware.
  • To utilize full potential of 2Ring Unified Communications solution through integration with 2Ring IPPS and 2Ring CA

Ease of Use

Forget company-wide training sessions. You can use 2Ring NetFAX  immediately after deployment because the skills necessary for sending a fax message are comparable to those for sending email or printing a document.

Receive as Email

Enjoy the convenience of incoming fax messages delivered to email inboxes. In other words, users receive their faxes as email messages with the actual fax attached as a PDF file or with a link to its location on 2Ring NetFAX server.

Send as Email

Send faxes directly from your favorite email client. Just email the file that you need to fax to sendfax@netfax.company.com, and enter the recipients fax number as the subject. All email clients are supported.

Fax from CRM, Word, Excel, or Anywhere

Utilize the benefits of 2Ring NetFAX Client by printing your source file (fax message) to a virtual NetFAX printer from any Windows application (such as MS Word or your companys IS). 2Ring NetFAX Client applications pop-up window will then allow you to select the message recipients (or type in the fax number), the header, the cover page, and if desired a later time at which to send the fax message.

Sign and Stamp Faxes without Printing

Fax invoices and contracts directly from your companys information system with ease. 2Ring NetFAX Client will provide you with fax message preview and allow you to place a picture with your signature in the proper place. Of course, for documents based on a template, users can just select the proper signature template to be automatically added. There is really no need to print a document before faxing it, since copies of all outgoing messages (including your signatures) are stored on 2Ring NetFAX.


Office Facilities US & Canada, European Markets, Emerging markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline +421 2 58224097 / +1-916-529-4197
TAC Support Alias null
TAC URL https://apps.2ring.com/supportcentral


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
3.1 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.5
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