2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is a fully customizable solution for your contact center. Our reporting specialists will prepare customized web-based reports that will show up-to-date information about your Cisco contact center (or even the entire corporation). Moreover, these reports will be available where you need them - on the individual desktops of agents, supervisors, or managers and even on plasma screens in your contact center as part of the 2Ring WB solution.

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2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS is a unique application that enables your managers and supervisors to deliver all valuable information in real-time to every screen needed. The main advantages for your business include: 

  • Accurate and timely information available to the right people from your organization will help increase the productivity of your contact center.
  • Information that is easy to read in a short glance will make life of your supervisors easier, and thus provide with more time to stay focused on their agents.

Stay Focused on Your Audience

We at 2Ring understand that companies, even if they come from the same vertical, are not uniform, and that agents, supervisors, and managers have different expectations for online and historical reporting. Therefore, we strive to learn about your requirements and end each project with a deployment of 2Ring WB and a set of think-through reports that are unique and custommade to fit your needs. For example, does your statistical day start at 7AM and not after midnight? No problem for us.

Let us Help You with Reporting

Tell us what information you are looking for, and our analytical consultants will translate your thoughts into the proper reporting language. Based on that, our reporting experts will design clear reports suitable for you. Yes, it is as simple as that. Combine Data from Various Sources The nature of many reporting tools allows us to combine data from many sources and present them in a unified form within one report. Utilize our experience combining data from different contact center channels (voice, chat, and e-mail), IP telephony, ERP & CRM systems, or even service desk systems. Literally, there are no limits. Provide Customized Information to Every Screen Our licensing model doesnt limit how many agents, users, managers, and supervisors install 2Ring WB and access the custom reports. Moreover, we make it easy for you to deploy 2Ring WB anywhere you need since its window is automatically resized to fit every plasma screen or every supervisor desktop. If necessary, every instance of 2Ring WB can be set up to show different reports in a different form at a different time.


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5.3 Contact Center Applications - Other API's
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) - 11.0
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