A true essential power pack that will significantly extend the capabilities of what can be done in Cisco Finesse and improve user-experience of your agents and supervisors. The modular power pack include four basic features - 2Ring infoPANEL, 2Ring TEAM, 2Ring BROWSER and 2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS.


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Are you looking into integrating Cisco Finesse with ERP or other systems that your agents work with? If so, have a look at our 2Ring BROWSER gadget that introduces multiple colorable tabs within Cisco Finesse. This is ideal extension for automatic opening of multiple call-related applications or pages at the same time. This might include opening a contact card in your ERP system, an article from the knowledge base that's related to the caller's IVR selection, a call related wrap-up form, and even a call-related script for the agent to follow. Last but not least, the gadget is ideal for setting up the home environment of the agent, meaning that with agent's login, his/her personalized applications and pages will automatically open in the tabs, and if s/he closes one of the important tabs during a call? No problem. There is always the home button to get you back into the default state.

2Ring infoPANEL

This is a persistent gadget, so it will be with the agent as long as s/he stays within Cisco Finesse. 2Ring infoPANEL gadget, as its name would suggest, is not only providing notifications / informing agents about A) the time spent in the current state (changing text color based on reaching a certain threshold), B) important events via the use of small icons (SKYPE call - unsecured channel, VIP call - handle with care), or C) messages sent by the supervisor. infoPANEL also comes with configurable buttons that can perform multiple actions, such as to send notification to your information system, forward the active call to a certain number (to send the caller to do a call evaluation in the IVR). And not only that, infoPANEL can also run actions in the background, without the agent knowledge.


2Ring SCRIPTS & FORMS is a very flexible and easy to use scripting tool for handling inbound and outbound calls in contact centers. Not only do agents receive the necessary guidance and provide clients with answers that are in coherence with corporate policies, but they, agents, also benefit from a unified workspace, where they type information obtained from callers directly into the guiding scripts. To save space, and provide better unified experience, this is not a separate gadget. Instead, it runs in the 2Ring BROWSER which also provides for auto-opening of the proper call script or of the proper wrap-up form for the agent to fill out about the call. .

2Ring TEAM

If you are into delivering a truly unified experience for the agents as well as for the supervisors, have a look at the 2Ring TEAM gadgets that includes many must-have features for improving the communication among agents and supervisors. The gadget includes a searching and filtering capability built on top a very neat agent profiles that include information such as current state, time in state, personal photo, team membership, and the list of assigned queues (formerly known as skill-groups). So, once you know who posses the skills you need for successfully handling a call and also who is actually available at the moment, you have the option to setup an individual or group chat, a call or even a consult call. For the supervisors or "power agents", the gadget also comes with MESSAGE SENDER extension, which provides for sending short text messages into the 2Ring infoPANEL. The agent selection that should receive your message will stun you since you can literally create any mix of agents. And, directly form the 2Ring TEAM gadget you can also target any of the plasma screens that use 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS.

Office Facilities
Support Model
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline +421 2 58224097 / +1-916-529-4197
TAC Support Alias support@2ring.com
TAC URL https://apps.2ring.com/supportcentral


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
3.0 Contact Center Applications - Other API's
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) - 11.0
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