Accurate Always, Inc.
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Yousef Shemisa
Phone: +1 650-728-9428
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Accurate Always, Inc engineers comprehensive IP call recording, reporting, analysis and monitoring solutions for healthcare, customer contact centers and aerospace and defense organizations that employ Cisco telephony solutions. Based in California's Silicon Valley, Accurate Always is a high tech company that provides efficient, managed IP communications recording solutions that fit within existing work-flows and Cisco telecom infrastructures. Accurate Always helps contact centers catalog communications and customer interactions so they may use this intelligence to continuously improve their operations and positively impact their bottom-line. The Voxida Communications Recording Platform was originally put to work in the aerospace industry, so the focus was on building a truly fault-tolerant industrial computing system with guaranteed future support and reliable operation. Accurate Always continues to serve aerospace, government and defense markets and also offers these fully field-proven systems to the private sector. In this way, Accurate Always is uniquely positioned to provide the affordable, serious call recording and quality monitoring solution for today's technical support centers, brokerages, healthcare, biotech and other results-oriented contact centers. A trusted name in digital voice recording, Accurate Always serves a wide range of call centers that record and monitor calls for quality assurance, compliance, customer-agent interaction verification and to optimize their internal resource utilization. By offering the Voxida call recording integrated solutions, Accurate Always has served domestic and international, private and public sector markets since 2003. Learn more about Accurate Always and the Voxida solutions that support Cisco UCM, CCE, CCX and CallManager IP voice call recording and quality monitoring now.

The Voxida Voice software suite is a comprehensive IP communications recording and analysis platform that’s used in diverse call centers, healthcare and governmental organizations to maximize agent effectiveness and ensure quality interactions. Voxida is engineered to work with enterprise PBX and gateway models and protocols such as Cisco Skinny/SCCP. When you record Cisco phone calls all associated details are captured with the audio, which is important when you need to find, report on, and analyze your communications.

The Voxida Voice software suite includes built-in call review tools and reporting capabilities and it simplifies agent training, quality assurance, client tracking and call verification. Search through your records by agent, group, extension, ANI, DNIS, date, time, duration, comment, flag or other customizable fields, and Voxida will immediately return all calls that fit within your search criteria. Additionally, Voxida allows you to securely live monitor IP voice conversations over your private network while they are being captured.

Cisco VoIP recording model support includes the

  •     Cisco CallManager / Unified Communications Manager models
  •     Cisco CallManager Express / Unified Contact Center Express (CCX) series
  •     Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) systems


The Voxida call recording, monitoring, reporting and analysis appliances are designed to provide both real-time and retroactive call review and quality analysis tools. The systems that are deployed in your organization will vary based on capacity, number of locations and if you are going to be recording. Note that the Voxida systems are capable of recording Cisco IP voice calls and video as well as digital/TDM phones or IP, analog and digital radios. This flexibility supports your growth and economical upgrade path to a purely Cisco IP voice system.

Regardless of the exact configuration employed, all call recording systems are designed to scale up and out to accommodate unlimited numbers of extensions, end-points and channels and offer a single-point of administration across enterprises. All systems are based on future-focused design principles and have an extensible data model, ensuring the long life and utility of your vital call details. Accurate Always has long focused on security and all Voxida systems have physical and software hardening measures built-in.

All Voxida systems are field-proven for mission-critical operation and have been supporting government, healthcare, customer contact centers, aviation and financial organizations since 2003. Learn more about Accurate Always' commitment to innovation and offerings here.