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Czech Republic
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Michal Vostatek
Phone: +420 420 733 611 541
Tier 2
Cisco Solutions Plus Partner,leader in PoLRE (Power Over Long Reach Ethernet) switch technology.

The 2N® VoiceBlue Next belongs to the new generation of VoIP GSM Gateways and significant cost reduction of calls to mobile networks and complements Cisco Voice and Unified Communications and provides a compatible solution with  Cisco Unfifed Communications Manager Its simple and intuitive settings via a web interface allow quick set up the VoIP Interface as well as the gateway itseself.

2N solves today's business problem by providing a low cost, easy to deploy voice backup solution over GSM/UMTS. Traditionally, customers rely on services offered by their ISP such as leased lines, DSL or POTS and these services have a recurring charges or fixed term contracts and typical aren’t a guarantee critical voice communication is available for emergency and disaster recovery strategies. 

2N® VoiceBlue offers an unique advantage with 2N® Mobility Extension which your mobile phone becomes a full-value replacement to fixed lines. In the interest of making this feature user friendly, you can also use mobile applications for Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The CallBack service is able to reduce roaming fees on trips abroad. If your company has other branch offices in several countries by calling local mobile networks completely free of charge using VPN tariffs. 2N® VoiceBlue Next fits a broad range of verticals and can be deployed at a central or remote locations as well as mobile units for disaster recovery as back up voice communication.

In addition, ​the 2N® Helios IP Family provides a complementary solution to Cisco Physical Security Solutions such as Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM)Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) and Cisco Access Control Manager (CPAM).

With advanced features and the release of firmware 2.1,and 2.2,  ONVIF 2.0 and HTTP Commands or APIs will alllow for a fully integrated solution, Our IP Intercoms and IP Paging System becomes an extension of Cisco Physical Security and offers enhanced voice and video surveillance coverage, incident response and secure access control for indoor and outdoor environments. 

IP Intercoms:

2N® Helios IP Force, Safety and Vario are true SIP Intercoms which provide video/voice and access control in a one box solution with high quality audio (G.711 G.729) and video (H.263+ H.263 H.264) and advanced features such as multicast, png for Cisco non-video IP phones, DTMF and ONVIF 2.0. 

2N® Helios Uni is a cost effective SIP Intercom solution for communication and access control in high quality audio (G.711). 

2N® Helios IP Audio and Video Kit - OEM SIP Intercom for manufacturers of Automated Parking and Pay Systems, Information Boards, Industrial Equipment or ATMs where the OEM kit is integrated into an existing system or housing.

This solution is ideal for airports, train and metro stations, bus terminals or anywhere that requires high quality voice communication (G.711) or with both voice and video (H.263+ H.263 H.264) with an option to connect an external Cisco IP Camera for added premise security.

IP Paging System

2N® SIP Speaker provides 2 way communication or IP Paging and Emergency Broadcast capabilities in high quality audio (G.711 G.729) over a SIP standard IP Paging System with access control.

The 2N® NetSpeaker:

For IP audio communication, 2N® NetSpeaker connected to standard speakers or amplifier creates a virtual audio broadcasting system. This allows for any audio to be played with the options to create separate zones with different communication content such as audio playlists or scheduled announcements for a number applications such public broadasts in schools or universities or advertisements in retail stores

The 2N® NetSpeaker Console is designed with simple controls with a clear display of the set zone and updated information on played soundtracks provides for user-friendly audio playing. The system administrator has the option of setting access user accounts and their rights to the 2N® NetSpeaker Server from one central location. This can be installed either on a separate server or together with the 2N® NetSpeaker Console application.

In addition, 2N\s Android application is designed for users who are using 2N NetSpeaker IP audio system, which is running on software version 1.2.5 or later. 

The application provides an user friendly interface for controlling 2N NetSpeaker IP audio system from your tablet or Smart Phone. Features include enable/disable individual zones, browse through your music files and create new playlists. 

2N® SmartCom PRO supports a broad range of cable and wireless communication standards for endpoint devices and offers remote control of integrated switching relays, reading input values or the management of external rechargeable battery backup. 

With Cisco EnergyWise, 2N® SmartCom PRO provides a reliable and integrated solution for the remote administration and control of a large number of devices presents and improve efficiency and reduce the costs of day-to-day operation with energy management. 

2N® SmartCom PRO designed for Cisco EnergyWise enabled smart networks allows for remote control and management from one central location. With the ability to administer non IP end point devices such as energy meters,Vending Machines, HVAC, Office Equipment, and Lifts. 2N® SmartCom PRO provides an instant overview of energy consumption and reduces the overall cost while offering an effective and simple solution for energy management. 

2N® SmartCom PRO is compatible with third party software solutions such 2N’s Technology Partner JouleX JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) which offers central energy management with Cisco Physical SecurityConnected Energy Networks and Industry Solutions and Cisco EnergyWise.