Headquarters Address
Modranska 621
Prague, Praha 4 14301
Czech Republic
Primary Contact:
Michal Vostatek
Phone: +420 420 733 611 541
Tier 2
A2N is a leading European ICT company operating worldwide, specializing in the development and manufacturing of ICT solutions for SMBs, Enterprise, and Service Providers. Our products are exported to more than 125 countries around the world and possess very competitive features. Our advantage is an innovative and dynamic R&D team which enables us to respond to market trends and demands with incredible flexibility. Our vision and strategy stands on developing new and innovative solutions that are Cisco compatible, we commit to reinvesting 10% of its revenue back into in-house development and production.  

2N® VoiceBlue Next seamlessly integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager registering as a SIP 2.0 trunk allowing for ease of deployment and centralized management and offers a simple, but effective voice backup solution over GSM/UMTS with 2 or 4 voice channels.

A VoIP GSM Gateway or 2N® VoiceBlue Next provides a cost effective alternative to purchasing a fixed ISP services as in leased lines. Deployed as a back up solution, it allows emergency or critical voice communication to reach the intended location without disruption and provides added security for the business operation to offer Disaster Recovery strageies such emergency communication, power outages or broken fixed lines. 

Ideal for Verticals such as Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Government. Retail as a voice back up solution with Cisco Unifed Communications Manager Business Edition 3000 or 6000

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2N® Helios IP FamilyIP Intercoms and IP Paging System

The 2N® Helios IP Family seamlessly integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unified Communications Manager Express registering as an industry standard 3rd party SIP 2.0 end point or device allowing for ease of deployment and centralized management. 

Our IP Intercoms and IP Paging System offers voice and video with access control for door entry systems, secure areas, parking lots or information and emergency help points which complements Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems with one simple managed solution. 

Ideal for Verticals such as Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Government and Retail.

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2N® NetSpeaker: IP audio system

Enables IP audio broadcast, paging and scheduling capabilities with Cisco Unified Communications. 2N® NetSpeaker server connects via a SIP trunk to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unified Communication Manager Express allowing users to broadcast announcements from Cisco IP Telephones, Softphones or Smart devices providing an integrated IP audio system

Cisco Partners interested in an IP audio system, 2N® NetSpeaker provides an cost effective and simple IP based solution for your customers. Unlike traditional 100 v audio systems, 2N® NetSpeaker seamless integrates with Cisco Unified Communications  and Collaboration System lowering the total cost of ownership by utilizing the existing Cisco IP infrastructure with one easy to confgure IP audio system

Ideal for Verticals such as Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Government and Retail with Cisco Physical Security and Unified Communications.

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2N® SmartCom PRO: M2M Solution

2N® SmartCom PRO is our next generation of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions developed specifically for Cisco EnergyWise enabled smart connected networks. Our smart energy solution supports wireless centralized management of endpoint devices (such as energy meters, sensors, switches) and remote systems such as Vending Machines, HVAC, Office Equipment and Lifts. 

Central Management and administration is ensured by 2N® SmartCom PRO with JouleX Energy Manager (JEM). JEM provides monitoring, analytics and management of energy usage for all network connected devices and non IP end points via 2N® SmartCom PRO

This seamless integrated end to end energy management solution offers a complete overview of energy consumption and control of all end point devices in the network providing effective cost control and savings for your business. 

Ideal for Verticals such as Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Government and Real Estate with Cisco Physical Security, Connected Energy Networks and Industry Solutions and Cisco EnergyWise

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