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The majority of enterprises, service providers, and government agencies worldwide rely on Cisco infrastructure to deliver application services. Together, NetQoS and Cisco ensure applications are delivered reliably and consistently. By leveraging existing infrastructure, the NetQoS Performance Center provides insight into performance alongside multiple Cisco technologies that provide IT staff with the data and infrastructure necessary to manage quality of service, provide consistent service delivery, and prove the performance of applications.

 CA ecoMeter is an operational energy management solution that captures detailed real-time information about energy use across your data centers and facilities, enabling you to measure, trend, and alert and take action. This provides a baseline from which you can reduce costs, make better use of capacity and enhance operational reliability and performance, as well as deliver continuous information for ongoing improvement.  Integration and support for Cisco EnergyWise Devices as well as Cisco UCS allows CA ecoMeter to integrate power metrics from Cisco devices and infrastructure for visibility and management within a hollistic agnostic operational energy management solution

CA NetQoS® Unified Communications Monitor is a network-based voice and video monitoring solution that helps organizations ensure both unified communications quality of experience and network quality of service.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management(formerly known as Nimsoft Monitor) is a single, unified achitecture that provides robust monitoring capabilities both inside and outside the data center giving enterprise IT organizations and service providers the capabilities to dramatically improve service quality.  

CA Nimsoft Monitor delivers service assurance solutions to include applications, operating system, physical and virtual servers, databases, storage, networks and Cloud monitoring.  Cisco’s model and policy based management, high-bandwidth, low-latency Ethernet and Fiber Channel over Ethernet unified network, and management portfolio along with CA Nimsoft Monitor’s Unified monitoring architecture with end-to-end visibility make this possible. The combined solutions help organizations leverage current staff expertise, comply with data center policies and best practices, all leading to improved quality and availability of business critical IT services, which impacts workforce productivity, operational efficiencies, and revenues.

IT infrastructure innovations such as unified communications, virtualization, SOA, and cloud computing create new management challenges because environments become more dynamic, complex, and interdependent. The ability to consistently deliver promised end-to-end application service levels depends on the availability and performance of multiple, interconnected applications, servers, databases, and network devices. Resolving service-level violations requires a deep understanding of cross-infrastructure dependencies and an ability to quickly isolate the root cause of a problem without adding new staff or tools.   Customers need accelerated time to value from the services based on UCS to realize business case expectations, and need to ensure that it can be managed seamlessly with the rest of their hybrid infrastructures.  Management tools therefore need to address the entire converged stack, including workloads, while retiring point tools which cannot address cross platform challenges.  CA is the #1 brand in this business without a hardware stack of its own.  

  • Enhances Cisco messaging of Simplified Datacenter Management
  • Risk Eliminated with a Validated Multivendor Solution, and sophisticated monitoring which reduces the costs and risk of migration to UCS-based stacks
  • Infrastructure must be proactively monitored to ensure that mission critical application services running on UCS stacks are available, and performance is not compromised. 

In addition, CA Nimsoft Monitor typically replaces between 50% or more of the customer’s point tools, decreasing licensing and license costs, and reducing the frequency and duration of service performance issues, degradations and outages.

CA SiteMinder is a proven, highly scalable flexible solution that provides secure single sign-on, risk-aware user authentication, authorization, auditing and administration. The solution can be deployed in a range of architectures that utilize agents, gateway proxy servers, today’s open standards, zero-footprint methods and SOAP/REST Web APIs to support customers, partners and employees using traditional browsers, browsers on a mobile device or mobile applications. The solution is managed through an integrated administrative interface for all types of content and methods of access allowing a single source for security management of online resources. The solution provides out-of-the-box support for hundreds of Web applications and natively offers support for mapping across heterogeneous user repositories. CA SiteMinder offers a mature set of Web service interfaces and SDK’s provide for additional flexibility to customize the solution to your organization.

Enabling migration to the cloud while proactively shielding your organization from security threats such as lost user productivity, increased help desk costs, fraud, data breaches and compliance failures requires secure access to your on-premise and cloud-based applications. The CA Cloud Security solution provides consistent identity-centric security so that access to your organization’s applications and data stays protected no matter whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Our Cloud Security suite consists of CA CloudMinder Identity Management, CA CloudMinder Single Sign-on (SSO) and CA CloudMinder Advanced Authentication, providing your organization with centralized secure access to on-premise apps and cloud services that can help your business leverage the full benefits of the cloud and improve business agility.

CA Network Flow Analysis(CA NFA) is designed to provide enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of network traffic, helping organizations to make more informed infrastructure investments, solve problems faster, and optimize the network infrastructure for application performance.  It is designed to scale to support the volume of data on the world's largest networks.  CA NFA uses data collection capabilities of your existing infrastructure by leveraging traffic statistics collected from Cisco IOS Netflow and the industry-standard IP Flow Information Export(IPFIX)-enabled routers and switches, economically collecting meaningful data and network behavior.




eHealth for Cisco CallManager works in concert with the eHealth Suite to manage availability and performance of Cisco CallManager systems operating in a VoIP infrastructure, addressing voice over IP coverage, network coverage, quality of service and voice service management. The product works as an integral or standalone part of Concord's eHealth Suite.