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Leah McLean
Phone: 4153087928
Tier 1
Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure is the foundation of an application-based data center. The Cisco ACI makes IT organizations more agile by providing a common programmable automation and policy management framework for network, application, security, L4-L7 service and virtualization teams. Within Cisco ACI, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) is the creation, repository and enforcement point for application policies, which can be set based on application-specific network requirements. Essentially, Cisco APIC serves as the single point of automation and fabric element management in both physical and virtual environments. The APIC communicates with other L4-L7 elements in the fabric via a plug-in (also known as a device package). A10 Networks physical, virtual and hybrid Thunder ADC appliances are integrated into the open ACI infrastructure via the A10 APIC device package, enabling data center operators to deliver automated advanced L4-L7 tenant services on the Thunder ADC appliance with choice of form factor that suits their consumption needs.   A10 Networks device package for Cisco APIC makes it easy to combine A10’s L4-L7 application delivery controllers with ACI’s L2-L3 network fabric. Network segmentation and security policies are enforced consistently whenever a new application is deployed in the network. All A10 appliances run the innovative Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®). The comprehensive ACOS features and flexibility combined with an architecture that allows the system to scale linearly, makes A10 products ideal for cloud scale and performance requirements. The rich services platform accelerates service integration and manageability via open and standards-based programmability. ACOS is completely Application Programming Interface (API) driven and programmatically exposes rich services for cloud, SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV ) environments. An all- inclusive licensing model ensures flexibility and simplified operations. Furthermore, ACOS features and configurations are identical and transferable across all form factors. The A10 integration with Cisco ACI allows IT organizations to enable automatic provisioning of dynamic L4-L7 application networking and security services, thus reducing application deployment time.

A10 Networks® and Cisco are collaborating to detect and stop malicious attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, without compromising on performance. A10's Thunder® SSLi product line intercepts encrypted traffic and sends it in clear-text, to Cisco FirePOWER or Cisco ASA so that previously invisible threats can be detected and blocked. This provides businesses with complete visibility into their network activities, including encrypted traffic, so that they can uncover attacks and infiltrations to deliver a safe and secure experience to their users.