Allen Lund Company
Headquarters Address
4529 Angeles Crest Hwy
La Canada, California 91011
United States
Primary Contact:
Phone: 800-648-5062
Tier 1
Transportation Brokers and Logistics Providers

Last year our company released our newest version of our main application which we've called ALX. It's a Transportation Management System (TMS) built atop Oracle ApEx (Application Express) architecture and we use it in our core business. 

Simultaneously, we have been rolling out the CUCM platform with 7900 and 9900 Series VoIP phones nationwide. We now wish to begin integrating the two platforms to fully realize the benefits of our investment.

We wish to begin with the lowest hanging fruit which we have deemed is Click-to-Dial within the ALX application. It not only would bring new efficiency to our users who are heavy phone and PC users, but also it would best demonstrate to our users that the two environments are no longer separate like they once were.

We are requesting to join and work with CDN to develop the best integration of our new Cisco Unified Communcations with our main Oracle business application known as ALX.

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