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As solution developer partner ANDTEK specializes in delivering applications enabling you to fully leverage your communications network. ANDTEK unified communications applications offer you a wide range of powerful and effective network applications for IP phones and computer telephony client software for various operating systems, like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Services are developed especially for IP telephony systems and use new communications features to enhance unified communications. Therefore all applications are tailored to the capabilities ot the IP PBX and deliver value-added services to UC users. Applications delivered by ANDTEK cover a broad range of unified communications needs, like voice recorder, zone paging, manager/assistant services, presence, directory integration (e.g. LDAP, SQL, ASCII, ...), conferencing, security and CTI as well as attendant console services. All services are available on one centrally managed AND Phone Application Server (APAS) platform which can be fully integrated into your unified communications network. Additionally to the services delivered there are provisioning tools and customized provisioning interfaces available to simplify the administration of the UC network.

Using presence and manager/assistant services directly on the IP phone speeds up team communication and delivers enhanced manager/assistant collaboration possibilities.

Besides the presence status of multiple phones there are services to handle call forwarding, redirection and representation services. Therefore you can deliver a rich experience for manager/assistant environments. 

Realtime Presence

Realtime status information about other phones is shown directly on the IP phone display. Just by looking to the phone display it is immediately clear who is available, who has a phone call or which phones are redirected at the moment. Besides standard presence information you will be informed if there are external or internal calls for a specific extension or if the extension has locked the phone. 

VIP (Very Important Person) Lists

Using VIP lists allows managers to receive important calls even in the case of an actively forwarded phone. This is especially useful if most calls should be forwarded to the assistants but some specific calls should be handled by the manager directly. VIP lists can be managed by the administrator, directly on the phone of the manager or directly at the phone of the assistant. 

Representation Service

By specifying a simple hierarchical structure of available assistants it is easy to define who will receive a call. Just by pressing a button on the phone it is possible to redicre automatically to the next available assistant. 

Full Control by Assistant

All manager assistant services, including settings for the manager phone, are handled directly on the IP phone. There is no need for any kind of additional login or computer software. 

Integration with Desktop PC

Optionally the presence and manager/assistant service can be used with our desktop client as well. Therefore call handling can be completely handled on the phone without even touching the phone.

Implementing voice recording offers benefits for businesses if the proper solution is deployed. A couple of decision criteria have to be considered:

  • Ease of implementation and maintenance
  • Scalability and flexibility of the solution
  • Features meeting business requirements

The AND Recorder solution can be implemented even in existing networks by delivering the voice traffic to the AND Recorder server.

Usually this is accomplished by using port mirroring features of the switches in the network or the IP phone bridge for duplicating voice packets. Voice traffic is sent to the AND Recorder server and temporarily stored.

Temporarily storing the voice conversation offers the possibility to do look-back recording. If some recording triggers match the calling information or the user triggers call recording, the call is archived on the server.

Smaller environments, usually with centralized call recording, need just one server where the whole functionality is implemented and can even upgrade with other ANDTEK services on the same server.

Environments with higher call recording volume or a distributed environment can combine multiple servers and optionally use a management server to have one centralized management of the whole environment.

AND Desktop AC delivers all important attendant console services on a simple to use client. The attendant console consists of the following components:

  • Queuing Service
  • Media Announcement Service
  • Presence Service
  • Group Service
  • Directory Service
  • Callback and Fallback Services

These components can be enabled individually for each attendant console to deliver the best user experience depending on the attendants need. By adapting the attendant console to the available services in your communications infrastructure it is possible to use it for small and medium businesses as well as in highly complex and distributed environments.

The queuing service takes care that all incoming calls are automatically forwarded to an available attendant or that callers are queued until someone is available. Caller number and waiting time can be seen in real-time by all attendants which allows them to handle incoming calls in a timely manner. While callers are waiting in the queue it is possible to play music on hold or any other voice message to give callers additional information and keep them in the queue.

Time-based scheduling of queues allows you to have customized voice messages depending on the time of the day or during holidays. Availability of internal users is always available within the presence and group service integrated into the attendant console. Besides typical presence infor-mation there are additional status conditions displayed. Therefore it is shown if phones are available, redirected to other phones or to the mailbox, have an active internal or external call or optionally it is even possible to see the phone number they are talking to at the moment. Additionally this information is available on the phone display as well - therefore it is even available if no computer is used.

An important key feature of attendant consoles is the integration of existing corporate directories and databases. With AND Desktop it is possible to integrate Active Directory, LDAP and any type of SQL databases. Besides integrating typical databases and directories there is a native integration of Microsoft Exchange and the Unified Communications Manager user database available. Despite the complex integration options it is extremely easy for attendants to use the directories. Attendants just enter a search term and all connected directories and databases are automatically queried in the background. Attendants get the search results on their client and can immediately use the results to establish phone calls or redirect callers.

Fallback on busy destinations is especially important when calls are trans-ferred to busy phones. In this case callers are automatically connected back to the attendant and therefore calls are not likely to be lost.


Typical tasks in the lifecycle of your communications environment is the installation, move, add, change and disposal of services, users and phones in your network (sometimes refered to as IMACD). Provisioning takes care that these tasks are simplified and can be handle more efficiently than with traditional systems. Additionally to simplifying the daily procedures the standardized handling of daily tasks reduces errors when updating systems and therefore increases quality.    AND Provisioning uses a predefined set of provisioning interfaces and services to make the ongoing administration of moves, adds and changes in your unified communications network more efficient and less error prone.    The simplified interface enables system administrators to maximize productivity especially for routine administrative tasks. A web-based interface is the single point of administration for handling typical changes in your communications environment, like creating new users, changing typical phone parameters or changing user credentials. 


Value-added applications on one centralized platform - optimize your business communiction processes    As one of the few specialized unified communications application vendors we deliver value-added services on one platform for your corporate network. Using our platform delivers enhanced communications services for your unified communications environment. Besides IP phone based applications you can enhance productivity with computer telephony integration as well as by implementing services to secure your environment.    Overview   Our platform for unified communications applications is intended to add additional services within your communications environment to streamline communication and optimize communications processes. Services can be integrated with various end devices and typical office applications as well as mobile devices.    Platform   Our application platform includes all components required to integrate it with your IT infrastructure. There are no additional operating systems or management systems required to implement additional communications applications. Besides running on a dedicated server of your choice or on an appliance delivered by us we also support virtualization for all applications.    Available Modules   Our platform delivers value added services for various communication environments, like: 

Fast and efficient communication is key in today's business world. The combination of the broad application support on PC desktops and feature rich IP phones enables companies to extend their communication infrastructure to an integrated communication system. AND Desktop brings the world of Windows PC desktops and IP Communications together to create a productive environment for your daily business.

AND Desktop is available in different versions depending on your communications need:

  • AND Desktop CTD (Click-to-Dial): Use your AND Desktop software to call phone numbers directly out of various applications like MS Word, MS Outlook, Adobe Acrobat or from Web sites.

  • AND Desktop CTI (Computer Telephony Integration): Additional services are available to get the status of other phone users, integration of corporate directories and manager/assistant services.

  • AND Desktop CC (Contact Center): Contact center agent software for highly performing contact center environments.

  • AND Desktop AC (Attendant Console): This version of AND Desktop offers additional services for queuing incoming calls, call fallback and services to handle large call volumes.

  • AND Desktop SV (Supervisor): Supervisor extension for contact center agents and attendant console operators.


AND Directory integrates various directories and databases with the unified communications network and uses this information to offer advanced phone books, searchable customer databases and reverse phone number lookup for IP phones and desktop PCs. Multiple connections to different sources of information can be handled by the AND Phone Application Server (APAS) and be delivered to IP phones or desktop PCs.

Offering easy access to the data sources is accomplished by the AND Directory and some supported directory types are:

  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Communications Manager Contacts
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) databases
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) files

By communicating directly with your data sources the whole environment has access to up-to-date information and the administration of the data source can be handled like before. Additionally there are no problems with synchronization and the backup concept of the data sources can be handled like before as well.

Mode of Operation

Users start their search form on the IP phone (or desktop, web) and enter the paramters they are looking for (e.g. names, phone numbers, project IDs,...). After submitting the search on the IP phone the AND Directory searches through the available data sources and gets the search results. The search results are delivered to the IP phone and displayed as results. Of course the user can immediately dial a number of view some detailed information. Even mapping of attributes and fields can be done with AND Directory to have a common view of multiple sources and enable transparent searching for the user.

The same concept is applied to incoming calls and detailed caller information is displayed on the IP phone even before the call is taken. The caller information is available on your desktop with our CTI, contact center and attendant console services for operators as well.

Contact center solutions are using an automatic call distribution system to handle incoming calls and forward them to an agent who handles the request. Typically this type of service is used to deliver product support, handle information inquiries from customers or to setup a help desk.

AND Desktop CC delivers all important contact center agent services on a simple to use client.

The contact center solution consists of the following components:

  • Queuing Service
  • Media Announcement Service
  • Presence Service
  • Group Service
  • Directory Service
  • Callback and Fallback Services

These components can be enabled individually for each contact center agent to deliver the best user experience depending on the agents need. By adapting the agent services to the available communications infrastructure it is possible to use it for small and medium businesses as well as in highly complex and distributed environments.


  • Unlimited number of queues per agent
  • Flexible integration of multiple corporate directories
  • Graphical display of agent and user status
  • Optimized handling of forwarding/redirecting/transferring calls
  • Most important services available on desk phone
  • Automatic fallback of transferred calls to busy destinations
  • Fully integrated with ANDTEK application platform
  • Contact center clients for terminal server environments
  • Support for Braille displays