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Manny Kitagawa
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Atlas Sound

AtlasIED is pleased to introduce our next generation VoIP loudspeakers. This new line offers numerous enhancements such as auto-provisioning to simplify integration within your network. You can easily configure our VoIP loudspeakers on your current voice-enabled VLAN, taking advantage of existing Quality of Service (QoS) for network communications stability.  Now, you have a VoIP loudspeaker that provides intelligible notifications that a phone can not cover such as large areas, noisy spaces, and outdoor environments.

AtlasIED offers a number variation of IP speakers including models with displays and flashers to ensure a perfect fit for any environment including indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to IP speakers, AtlasIED also offers, one IP-to-analog gateway and one IP display only version all leveraging the VoIP Communication solution to extend tele-presence with enhanced audio for those environments where network-wide communication is desired and that require large speakers with high output to overcome high ambient noise areas or large spaces.

Atlas Sound offers two variations of IP-to-analog gateways for unified connectivity collaboration with third party systems, including, but not limited to, overhead paging, access-control, fire alarm, and video-surveillance, simply plug and play

Each unit receives 12VDC power provided by IEEE 802.3 AF compliant POE switches (local IPS-PSU 12VDC – 18VDC PSUs may also be used instead of POE switches). Network interconnection is via a board mounted female RJ-45 connector on the front panel. Output is balanced line level via a 3 pole terminal block on the rear panel.

IPS-ZC1 and IPS-ZC2 use a 1RU (rack unit) mounting configuration.  Rack mounting hardware is included and can accommodate two units mounted side by side.

ZC1PRO and ZC2PRO use a 2RU (rack unit) mounting configuration.  Rack mounting hardware is included and can accommodate two units mounted side by side.