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Joshua Cliff
Phone: 4018254159
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Atrion Networking Corporation


The Cisco Show and Share WebParts for Microsoft SharePoint tightly integrate Cisco’s leading webcasting and video sharing application with Microsoft’s premiere business productivity platform through surfacing Show and Share’s features, functionality and control in SharePoint sites.

Users can view videos, manage content and search all Show and Share delivered media from within SharePoint, allowing businesses who have already invested in Microsoft SharePoint to seamlessly leverage the power of instant access to video content driven by Cisco Show and Share.

With the Cisco Show and Share Webparts for Microsoft SharePoint, businesses obtain a powerful integrated solution targeted at enhancing productivity and collaboration through the enterprise while deliver a highly useable, agile and brandable user experience.

Integrated Product Versions:

Microsoft SharePoint: 2010, 2010 SP1
Cisco Show and Share: 5.2.3, 5.3


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