The directory contains both employees and external contacts, imported from CRM, ERP and other enterprise databases.

You can easily find required contact with Cisco Jabber, web interface, on Cisco IP phone or with "PhoneUP Agent" installed on your PC.

Along with incoming call you'll get the detailed information about calling party on Cisco IP phone display or in Cisco Jabber interface.

Notifications about missed calls are sent to you by email or SMSed to your cell phone.

"Auto redial" option saves your time when calling to a busy external number.

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Integration with any enterprise software (AD, LDAP, IBM Lotus Notes, CSV, XML, CUCM, SQL DBMS) that provides automatic import of contacts in accordance with specified schedule.

Quick contact search on Cisco IP phone, in Cisco Jabber or in PhoneUP Agent. The following options are available: search by any contact attribute (last name, company name, department name), set “favorite contacts”, create personal directories, and see contact presence status before calling.

System performs several dialing attempts to a busy party after you activate ”Auto redial” option on Cisco IP phone with one click.

When you get the incoming call (both internal and external), the detailed Caller ID Info is displayed on your Cisco IP phone, in Cisco Jabber or in PhoneUP Agent.

You can create personal directories and receive data from MS Outlook.

You can see the absent colleague presence status and dial the alternative phone number (for example, mobile) with one click.

You can see missed calls list on your Cisco IP phone and receive notification about each missed call at your email box or by SMS on your cell phone.

Enterprise directory may contain external numbers with DTMF extensions. In this case the system dials the company phone number, waits till connection with IVR is established and then dials internal number of necessary contact.

When you create enterprise directory, you can set for it any structure you need. For example, your enterprise directory may contain information about departments, branches, employees mobile/home phone numbers, and etc.

When you manage enterprise directory, you can set access restrictions – for example, access to the clients phone book can be denied for all employees except employees from sales department.

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