Auvik Networks
Headquarters Address
WATERLOO, Ontario N2L 3L3
Primary Contact:
Jacqui Murphy
Phone: 5198044700
Tier 1
A better way to monitor, configure and automate your network. Auvik is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that makes it dramatically easier for small and mid-sized businesses to build and manage their IT networks. We help build Networks That Work™

Garner Cool Vendor in IT Operations for 2015! Auvik’s cloud-based software delivers amazingly simple yet wickedly powerful network management. You get everything you need to manage one or more IT networks — including automated network topology, network monitoring, troubleshooting tools, and remote management capabilities — in one dashboard. MSP Edition rolls up an unlimited number of networks into one view for efficient customer management. Only minutes to install, virtually no configuration required, simple & intuitive design, free support.

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