Bison Data Solutions
ANNA, TX 75409
United States
Primary Contact:
Michael Chenault
Phone: 214-395-2589
Tier 1
Bison Data Solutions is a provider of Cisco CDR solutions. We are based in the Dallas area and are happy to provide our customers with full featured, yet affordable, solutions for their business needs. callGuard, our premier product, is a call data records provider for Cisco VoIP networks. Recording data such as who called who, when, how long, whether the call was internal, local, long distance, or international, callGuard allows clients to get a full view of their Cisco VoIP network. callGuard also tracks Hunt Groups and their usage. You can see how many calls come into the hunt group, the average time spent on the call, and who is actually answering the call. Data is power and Bison Data Solutions helps provide your company this power.

callGuard is now Rapid CDR!  Same great product just a new name.

Rapid CDR is a full featured, reliable, affordable call data records (CDR) or call accounting solution for Cisco voice networks. Rapid CDR tracks data such as who called who, when, for how long, and more. Rapid CDR also tracks hunt group usage and can provide in depth details regarding who is answering the hunt group calls and how long they are spending on the phone.