callGuard is now Rapid CDR!  Same great product just a new name.

Rapid CDR is a full featured, reliable, affordable call data records (CDR) or call accounting solution for Cisco voice networks. Rapid CDR tracks data such as who called who, when, for how long, and more. Rapid CDR also tracks hunt group usage and can provide in depth details regarding who is answering the hunt group calls and how long they are spending on the phone. 

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What is Rapid CDR

Rapid CDR is a full featured, reliable, affordable call data records (CDR) or call accounting solution for Cisco voice networks. With Rapid CDR you have access to records regarding your voice network useage such as who called who, when the call was made, how long the call lasted, whether the call was internal, local, long distance, or international, and much more. Rapid CDR also allows you to view hunt group useage to see who is answering the inbound calls and the time and effort spent on the hunt group calls.


Hunt Group Tracking

Hunt groups are used in many businesses for many uses such as providing one number to reach sales, or an internal IT department to name a few. Rapid CDR allows you to actually see what is going on with the hunt groups.  How many calls are coming in?  Who is actually answering the call?  How long on average is someone spending on the call?  

Rapid CDR even stores historical averages so you can easily see if there is a spike in hunt group activity. 


Rapid CDR was built from the ground up with reliablity in mind.  From an IT pserspective, the only work that should ever be done on Rapid CDR is to install it.  It just works.  Why spend money managing a product that you already spent money to buy? Rapid CDR removes that and makes things easier for you.

Third Party Application Support

Rapid CDR is hosted by you the customer so you fully own the data.  If you don't want to use the provided website to view your data, you can easily funnel the data through a third party application or directly access the database.  Your data is yours and you can do with it whatever you want.

  • Call Data Records (CDR)
    • Search your records quickly and easily with a comprehensive search tool.
    • Rapid CDR will tell you whether the call was inbound, outbound, internal, local, long distance, or international.
  • Historical Averages
    • Easily identify spikes or dips in network usage by comparing to the historical average for any given time period.
  • Hunt Group Tracking
    • Rapid CDR tracks comprehensive activity on your hunt groups and delivers easy to read reports.
    • Track the calls coming into the hunt group, who's answering, and how long they are spending on the phone.
    • Historical averages can help detect spikes and dips in hunt group activity.
  • Fast Access to E911 Records

    • Dedicated area of the web front end allows fast review of e911 calls made from the voice network.
    • Easily stop e911 abuse in your organization.
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