The LifeCycle Services Managed Discoveries Engine (LCSE) is a cloud managed, premise connected solution. The portfolio consists of the Managed Xperience Portal (MXP) providing branded multi-tennant management and provisioning for partners and customers alike. The MXP is the central cloud portal to adopt customers, claim nodes, assign customers, provision jobs and generate Partner branded custom reports. The Cloud based MXP and the premise connected MDE engines, provide a manageable and scallable platform, offering modern age network discoveries with automated device discoveries, network mapping, port security vulnerabilites and post network monitoring services.  The LCSE has the unique ability to deliver complete Partner branded documentation that includes the following:

  • Your Logo
  • Highly Detailed SOW
  • Your Rates
  • Your customized products
  • Your Distinguished Professional Services Offering

The LCSE solution automates the discovery and the documentation, getting you directly to rapid remediation!

The LCSE-MDE - LifeCycle Services Engine Managed Discoveries Engine is offered as an industrialized 7" wall or table top chasis or available as a 1U 19" rack mountable chassis.  The cloud provisioned network discovery appliance easily installs on a customer network. The LCSE auto discovers all connected devices, executes a port security vulnerablility scan and provides a partner branded detailed security report inclusive of a complete statement of work.

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The LCSE Automated Network Assessment process will auto discover and identify connected devices on the network from end user endpoints all the way up the network stack.  Where possible, all network devices are identified via List or Dynamic Network Map formats by manufacturer, model number and operating system.

Based on the network devices scanned, the LCSE initiates a per device port security scan, providing a partner branded per device finger-print vulnerability report that includes advertised services and remediation recommendations.

The final auto-generated report and SoW will breakdown all remediation phases for your customized partner services and associated professional services. Each remediation phase will include partner services and a costing structure that will be divided into the following categories:

  • A Device Inventory List 
  • Port Security Vulnerabilities
  • Network Mapping with Automated Assessment Recommendations

Catagorical details will be compiled into the final Branded Statement Of Work (SoW). The final reports are generated using custom Logos and custom verbiage.

The LCSE reports provide a detailed list of potential vulnerabilities and determines their Threat Level Hierarchy. Threat levels are based on three distinct severity categories: Low, Moderate and Critical; each category is represented by distinct colours for easy identification.  A description of each vulnerability is provided along with a recommendation to remediate the threat.

  • Low - Best practices, recommended to maintain network integrity
  • Moderate - Recommended to maintain network functionality
  • Critical - Mission Critical immediate attention required

The LCSE Assessment process is simple to configure. The cloud driven process facilitates a complex network discovery proceedure without draining customer or partner technical resources.  A basic configuration is provided for common switches and a simple cut and paste into the command line and a few short clicks will execute the assessment.

Depending on the intensity of the scan, the discovery process can span from a few hours to a few days.  The LCSE does all the heavy lifting so you don't have to!

The partner branded report is a complete business document that is translated into non-technical language so that all business divisions from IT to Finance can relate to the subject matter and its relevancy.

Once the assessment is complete, the partner branded report and statement of work can be generated on premise and ready for customer signature.


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