Comstice creates a wide range of products for enterprise collaboration solutions. Comstice Desktop Agent for Cisco Finesse provides agent functionality on a desktop application that can be run in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems. It is an alternative to Cisco Finesse Web Client, supports both UCCE and UCCX, inbound, outbound voice, email/chat via Social Miner as well as Supervisor functionalities. 

Comstice Desktop Agent aims to offer more user-friendly and feature rich agent and supervisor toolkit through a native desktop app. It is compact and smartly designed to allow agents to have a better usage of the screen estate, and easier integration with the third party applications from the same out of the box client. It has many configurable features and eliminates any need for custom coding by offering all these features from the same client.

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Comstice desktop agent is a Java-based client, supporting Cisco Finesse Agent features. It also displays real-time and daily historical data about the agent and the queues.

Agent can monitor their daily stats as well as the queue information. Supervisor can configure certain reason codes as “Break” and desktop agent will count the cumulative break duration. For example: Lunch Break, Toilet Break, Coffee Break reason code durations can be calculated for that day and break duration consumed can be shown.

Comstice Desktop Agent can also access Phone Book created in Cisco Finesse, Cisco CUCM Corporate Directory as well as other directories through Comstice PhoneBook Middleware APIs such as Microsoft Exchange Public or Personal Contacts.

Each call received will be logged and stored with its call variables, something completely new for Cisco UCCX and UCCE. The data will be stored in a local file with a maximum file size of 100MB.

Supportability and Licensing

  • Desktop Agent Licensing is per agent login. 
  • No additional license required on Cisco Finesse. Existing Cisco agent licenses can be reused for Comstice Desktop Agent.
  • A maintenance contract is mandatory for the annual license renewal. Standard or premium support can be selected.
  • Comstice Desktop Agent is based on Java, therefore requires Java 8 RE. Comstice Desktop Agent can be run on any operating system that supports Java 8 RE
  • Full agent functionality for Cisco UCCX and UCCE
  • Real-Time and daily historical data display.
  • Call logs with call variable details for each call. The logging information is stored in a local file.
  • Integration with Finesse Phone Book as well as any third party Contacts list
  • Not Ready and Logout reason codes
  • HTTPS/TLS Support
  • Native Screen pop for incoming calls
  • Audible Alerts with thresholds
  • Visual Alerts with thresholds
  • Editing Call variables in an incoming call
  • Visibility of other agent states within the team
  • Scrolling team messages that are controlled by the supervisor/manager
  • Detailed call logs including call variables
  • Access to Cisco CUCM Corporate Directory and Microsoft Active Directory
  • One-click transfer to other queues
  • Company logo and marketing colors
  • Personal Phone Book for agents
  • Team Chat room
  • One to one chat
  • Cisco Tropo SMS sending feature
  • Ability to access customer information in your CRM platform from call variables in the active call. Agent can click on the call variable and launch the customer page based on calling number, account number etc.
Office Facilities US & Canada, Asia-Pacific, European Markets, Japan, Emerging markets
Support Model
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 1-713-929-3714
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.0 None N/A