Deployment Model: On-premise and SaaS
Technology: Other API's and Contact Center Applications
Publisher: Comstice Limited

Comstice Wallboard is a real-time and daily historical reporting platform. It offers fully customisable dashboards, permanent URL links for each saved dashboard and slider function to see multiple saved dashboards on a single screen.

Simple, customisable and Mobile-capable

Comstice Wallboard Solution is composed of a linux-based server as a virtual machine and a browser-based user interface for easy access. It is also possible to access the Wallboard data through Comstice Wallboard Mobile app available in Apple Appstore and Google Play. Wallboard Mobile app also provides screen notifications for the team messages or when there is a call in queue. That helps agents and managers to get alerted when they are not able to see Wallboard screens, especially when agents are remote agents working from a small office or home. 

More visuals, less tables

Comstice Wallboard visualises the data so that users will see the actionable information much easily. Hourly charts, visual thresholds, audible alerts and graphs help Wallboard users to get the snapshot of the current state as quickly as possible.

Permissions and Multi-tenancy

Comstice Wallboard allows administrators to limit what each user is allowed to see. this is particularly important when there are multiple organisations on the same contact center instance, when Wallboard Mobile app is used over the public internet and when same wallboard is used by outsourcers as well as the in-house teams. Cisco CUCM End user accounts are used to authenticate Wallboard users.

Comstice Wallboard has five main sections;

Widget View: This is the customisable dashboard creation section where wallboard users can create views by selecting up to eight key performance indicators as widgets. There are also scrolling team messages, static message and Date&Time information as widgets as well as company logo for each view. You can create multiple views and see them as a slideshow on a single screen.

Box View: This is the most popular shared view which is composed of nine boxes which display real-time, daily and weekly data in charts. Each box has a settings option and can be customized individually. Settings for these boxes are stored locally in the Wallboard database.

Team View: This provides individual or cumulative performance of the agents in chart and table format for supervisors and managers. Supervisors can choose the team then the individual agent or the whole team to see the statistics for the whole team in chart and table formats.

Agent View: This view provides the real-time and daily statistics of the agent who is logged in. Agent View also shows the voicemails on the team voicemail box, presents charts that show agent statistics vs team performance in terms of calls answered and agent state distribution on that particular day. If requested, Cisco Jabber and Finesse functionality can be enabled on Agent View so that an agent can login and function as an agent as well as having access to her real-time and daily statistics.

Wallboard View: This view provides a real-time table of the key statistics about the contact center performance. Each queue (CSQ or CallType) is represented in a single row. Users can add and remove queues (rows) and parameters in columns (calls abandoned, offered, handled, avg wait time, asa etc.). It also has the option of color-coding certain types of data if the current value goes beyond the pre-defined thresholds. Users can click on each column heading and set caution and warning values for color-coding. All these settings are stored in the Comstice Wallboard database and remembered at the next login.

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Comstice Wallboard Web Interface, Android and iPhone apps are available in the following languages;

English, French,German,Spanish,Portugese,Italian,Dutch and Turkish

The Comstice Wallboard solution is a Java-based solution (Java Web Service which connects to databases via JDBC) on the server side.. It also has a multicasting mechanism so that the Contact Center database will not receive multiple unicast requests for the same dataset and will not get exhausted.

Comstice Wallboard comes as pre-installed with pre-built Linux OS. It is delivered as a single OVA file which is 3.5GB.

It requires minimum;



2 x vCPUs

and runs on your VMWare ESXi or Cisco UCS environment.

Comstice Wallboard Server can be deployed as a single server or as multiple servers as primary and secondary servers.

Comstice Wallboard supports UCCE v6.0+ onwards and UCCX v8.0+ onwards.


What does Comstice Wallboard differently


Comstice Wallboard offers the features below that no other Wallboard solution presents today;

  • Individual calls in queue: We can show the calling number, called number, queue and the wait time of every single call in queue, filtering and visual threshold features.
  • Individual calls in the callback queue: We can also list the individual calls waiting on the callback queue; calling number, called number, queue name, how long caller waited on the voice queue, how long they have been waiting on the callback queue, filtering and visual threshold features.
  • Queue info of the agent: We can show which queue the agent received the call from
  • Third-party application data as widgets: We can also present information from third party applications such as CRM or ticketing systems, production line, csv files on a shared folder etc.

Comstice Wallboard Datasheet for Cisco UCCE/PCCE

Comstice Wallboard Datasheet for Cisco UCCX

Comstice Wallboard Widget Guide for customisable dashboards: Cisco UCCE/PCCE

Comstice Wallboard Widget Guide for customisable dashboards: Cisco UCCX


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Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
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