“CONNECT Billing” collects call detail records (CDRs) from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)/Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) and produces management reports for viewing using a standard Web browser; enabling IT, telecom personnel and business decision makers to analyze and plan ahead for anticipated increases in call volume.

Using “CONNECT Billing” a quota can be assigned for each user. Each user reaches his quota limit; will not be able to make calls anymore as well as a running call will be disconnected if the limit is reached during the call.

Call Duration can be also assigned for each user or group. The running call will be disconnected if the user reaches the specified call duration.

  • Powerful & flexible reporting module
    • Allowing the user to extract the reports according to various selectable criteria.
    • The reporting module provides the user with predefined generated reports.
    • Many report styles are available enabling the user to apply his own style by choosing the report’s color and also uploading his logo.
    • All reports can be saved for further regeneration.
    • Manual/automatic scheduled reports generation which decrease your efforts and deliver you up-to-date information whenever you need it.
    • Report production as PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, HTML or E-mail attachment.
    • All reports can be previewed before generation.
    • Send scheduled report to each employee by his detailed and summarized report.
    • Pie & Bar graphs report generation.
  • Very accurate calculation algorithms
    • Direct, consulted transfer, blind transfer, conference, barge, park calls billing.
    • Forced authorization codes support.
    • Missed calls can be added to or excluded from the calls.
    • First minute fees support.
    • Tax fees addition.
    • Right Fax operations support.
    • Process unlimited number of telephony data. 
  • Applying filters per call destination type
    • Multiple time and pattern based tariffs can be defined for each call type.
    • Telecommunications companies’ promotions are easy to handle and configure.
    • Free of charge duration setting per call type.
  • Quota Management and Call disconnection: Call Disconnection is based upon either : Cost or Duration
    • Quota or duration can be assigned for each user or group.
    • Each user will hear a notification before disconnecting his cal
    • Cost: Each user reaches his quota limit; will not be able to make calls anymore as well as a running call will be disconnected if his limit is reached during the call.
    • Duration: The running call will be disconnected after reaching specific call duration.
  • Extensions Grouping
    • Create groups of end users to apply discounts or surcharges based up on the call types filters created.
    • Assigning quota for each group.
  • Manual & automatic synchronization with CUCM/CUCME
    • Importing gateways from CUCM for guarantying accurate calculations.
    • Importing end users from CUCM to display the reports with detailed information per each employee.
    • For CUCME: Importing end users from excel sheet to be displayed in the reports.
  • E-mail Notification module
    • E-mail notification if there is no CDR raw data for a certain period of time.
    • E-mail notification if the communication with Cisco Unified Communications Manager fails.
    • E-mail notification if any unexpected behavior of the billing application windows services.
  • Data archiving module
    • Auto archiving for old CDR raw and processed data.
    • Manual/Automatic backup for application database.
  • Import/export route patterns from/to excel sheet.
  • Import end users information, that don’t exist at the CUCM, from excel sheet.
  • User friendly web based administration interface with different privileges.
Office Facilities Emerging markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner, Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 0020225270930
TAC Support Alias
TAC URL http://www.connectps.com/contactus.htm


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.1(1) Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1
Mid Market - Business Edition 6000
  • BE6000 9.1
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