United States
Primary Contact:
Richard Lovelace
Phone: 954-495-9527
Tier 1
Cybraics provides analytics-as-a-service by leveraging its big data platform to uniquely fuse math, science, and machine learning into an unmatched capability. Conceived from a DARPA initiative, this service merges multi-modal information and threat data sources into unique sets of algorithms to deliver both superior situational awareness of the cyber environment and actionable intelligence to protect that environment. The platform’s agility distinctively offers a combination of unsupervised and supervised learning features that examine patterns between content, attributes, and relationships within time and space domains, identifying complex patterns that are otherwise undiscoverable. Our active learning system, combined with human insight from our cyber experts, offers an unsurpassed level of threat hunting that goes beyond detection to provide advanced investigation and remediation capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence based security analytics that analyzes flow data and security logs to detect unknown threats that other approaches miss, and dramatically reduce the dwell time (time to detection) and level of effort required by security analysts.