Deployment Model: On-premise

Dolby® Voice™ gives conference calls the sound, feel, and productivity of an in-person meeting. You can contribute naturally and spontaneously to the conversation - decisions get made, and distributed teams are more effective.

The experience is available wherever you work—you can attend on your computer, your mobile device, and the Dolby Conference Phone. Dolby Voice enabled services not only provide the best experience, they can also cost less than traditional audio conferencing services.

The Dolby Conference Phone brings everyone into the room. It dramatically improves productivity by letting everyone understand what is being said, easily determine who is speaking, and participate as if they were all in the same room.

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Better Conference Calls

We designed the Dolby Conference Phone to deliver the Dolby Voice experience, not as just another conference phone. It is an integral component of the Dolby Voice solution, offering stunning audio quality and easy meeting join and management, features that promote productive conferencing.

Superior Audio Performance

Its wideband audio experience is just the beginning. The device has exceptional range to pick up all the voices in the room with outstanding fidelity. It also suppresses background noise, as only Dolby can, to send clean audio into the meeting. Remote attendees clearly hear and distinguish who is speaking.

Standard IP Telephony Phone

The Dolby Conference Phone is a dual mode device—an endpoint for Dolby Voice enabled services and a SIP phone for IP telephony environments. While the phone can deliver wideband communications in standard IP telephone calls, the full Dolby Voice experience requires a conferencing service built on Dolby Voice.

Simple, Elegant Design

This elegant phone brings a modern look to your conference rooms. Its touch-screen user interface makes it simple to connect to and manage meetings. The interface also lets you see who is in the meeting and control disruptions. You’ll spend more time talking, less just getting online. With this intuitive interface, you can also easily access traditional phone features.

Meets IT and Administrative Needs

The Dolby Conference Phone includes provisioning, management, security, and directory functions for simple setup, administration, and management.

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