Call and Screen Recording

Encore Suite offers 100% or selective Call and Screen Recording with limitless scalability that’s built to seamlessly integrate with your Cisco Unified Communications Manager system. Encore offers many powerful features, a few of which are:

  • PCI and HIPAA compliant recording.
  • Desktop and third-party application integration
  • Multiple-monitor screen recording.
  • Related Call tracking.
  • Telephonic Signature.
  • Mobile Applications, including Live Monitor.

Quality Management

Encore’s Quality Management tools automate supervisors’ evaluation, coaching, and agent improvement processes. Users can easily build and modify evaluations to assess agent performance. As evaluators review recordings, Encore's eCoaching automatically queues assignments to send to an agent when a question's score is at or below the predetermined "acceptable" threshold. Supervisors are then able to track and view all assignments sent to agents.

Post Contact Survey

Encore’s Post Contact Survey automatically emails surveys to customers at the conclusion of a conversation, email exchange or chat session. As customers complete the surveys, the results are linked to recordings associated with that particular engagement.

Evaluators are able to consider the customers’ feedback, thereby attaining a complete 360° view of the interaction. Adding the voice of the customer to the quality management process offers tremendous value to businesses.

Speech Analytics

Designed to help businesses dig deep into their recorded conversations and spot important, actionable information, Encore’s Speech Analytics application allows them to:

  • Target the recordings to be evaluated.
  • Audit the accuracy of their agents’ adherence to regulatory compliance procedures.
  • Identify client satisfaction trends (i.e. cancelled orders) by analyzing recordings for specific terms.
  • Gather product or process improvement suggestions from customer calls.

Desktop Analytics

Acquire valuable information by capturing data from desktop and third-party applications and adding it to recorded interactions. Embedding customer information, patient number, support ticket number and more from desktop applications (e.g. CRM, ERP or HIMS) directly into the recordings gives you the ability to search based on this incremental data to help pinpoint exact interactions.


Encore provides call statistics, performance tracking, evaluator productivity, eCoaching results and much more. Several reports also provide links that, when clicked, offer more detailed data, helping you drill-down to view critical information. With Encore Reports, you may also design customized reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. All Encore reports can be generated on a schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly or more.


Encore dashboards are real-time collections of information and trends that are important to you and your agents. KPIs and other metrics can be tracked at a glance, improving performance transparency and management efficiency.


Encore gamification automates the creation and management of performance-based contests and rewards. Providing you with the capacity to host contests more frequently and easily than ever before, Encore makes motivation part of the contact center experience.

Workforce Management

Encore’s Workforce Management software, Encore Community, helps balance the service level expectations of your customers and control the costs of staffing your contact center. The software automates forecasting and scheduling of your contact center staff while tracking employee adherence to the established schedule. It delivers comprehensive enterprise workforce management features including:

  • Five forecasting methods.
  • Single and multi-skilled forecasting with efficiency gradient.
  • Skill-based intra-day reforecasting.
  • Advanced agent adherence reporting and one-click adherence reconciliation.
  • Color-coded, fully-interactive schedule bidding.
  • Two-way mobile messaging or email communications for scheduling updates.
  • Encore-black_300dpi

Optimized Cisco Integrations

Encore’s computer telephony integration (CTI) is optimized to seamlessly handle multiple sites and capture additional CTI fields, such as call direction, call origin and global call IDs for linking and reviewing related calls. Encore’s optimized Cisco integration removes traditional worries associated with retrieving 100% of recordings.

Improve Productivity and the Customer Experience

Encore’s Workforce Optimization Suite delivers all the tools required for contact centers to meet service levels while containing costs, provides a 360º view of customer interactions, and improves the customer experience with continuous process improvement. These benefits are delivered through Encore’s comprehensive workforce management software for optimizing staff schedules, and recording and quality management software for process improvement.

Mitigate Risks and Maintain Compliance

Encore helps you mitigate risk and protect your organization. Recording customer interactions and transactions allows your quality assurance team to review and confirm orders, as well as resolve any misunderstandings or disputes. Recording all inbound calls and tracking frequency and other call statistics also provides you with the foundation to identify potential fraud and prevent malicious incidents. Encore’s encryption, scrubbing, ePause and telephonic signature features also help your contact center comply with industry regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA and Dodd-Frank. dvsAnalytics is committed to continuing to deliver new applications to help protect your organization and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

Best Return on Investment

Encore has been recognized as having a very high return on investment (ROI). With its comprehensive licensing model, customers receive more applications “out-of-the box” with Encore. For example, an investment in basic workforce management licensing provides not only the ability to generate agent schedules, but also to view real-time adherence and make changes on-the-fly. Also, an investment in Encore recording provides not only call recording, but also screen recording and quality management with eCoaching. And with either application, there is no need to worry about additional licenses for supervisors, administrators, quality staff or schedulers. Unlimited permissions-based login credentials accompany basic licenses.


  • Call Recording
    • Supports industry standard formats
    • Automatic start/stop
    • 100% or selective
  • Screen Recording
    • Multiple monitors
    • Automatically switch to active monitor
    • Mouse location highlighted
    • Email and chat
  • Compliance
    • Use SSL to securely connect to Encore servers
    • Encryption 256-bit AES
    • Selective encryption/scrubbing
    • ePause – automatically pause/resume recordings per URL
    • Telephonic Signature – separate customer authorization recording
    • Record on demand
    • Audit logs (PCI compliance)

Live Monitoring

  • Smartphone, tablet, or desktop
  • View agent’s picture, current status and call details
  • View activity at agent or team level
  • Select favorites
  • Rewind to beginning of call
  • Voice and text annotations/tags
  • Secure access based on permissions

Cisco Integration

  • Cisco UCM, UCCE and UCCX
  • Cisco Compliance Tested Partner
  • Streaming or packet capture
  • Records internal and external calls
  • Supports unique interaction ID for related calls
  • Streaming works with BIB on phones or Cisco Cube
  • Encore will record all extensions with BIB enabled – no additional configuration

Retrieval and Playback

  • Recorded interactions automatically categorized into playlists for prioritization
  • Dynamic playlist builder (simple multiple button interface to choose search criteria)
  • Related calls automatically retrievable
  • Analytics driven call categorization based upon:
    • Cisco data (date, time, duration, hold time, talk time, extension, queue, incoming, outgoing, internal, external, etc.)
    • Post Call survey results (Net Promoter Score, Low Survey, agent knowledge, etc.)
    • Desktop Analytics Results (capture CRM data fields, such as customer identifier or call result, and set event triggers to pause or encrypt/scrub sensitive data, etc.)
    • Speech Analytics Results (critical statements or lack of, verify compliance, capture unhappy or happy customers, tags to quickly jump to predefined statements)
    • Automatically flag calls that matter and place them in unique Encore playlists for later review and evaluation
  • Share Recording Link
  • Flag specific recordings
  • Calibration analysis ensures evaluator consistency
  • Agents able to self-evaluate

Quality Management

  • Unlimited flexible form/evaluation builders to measure agent performance and gather business intelligence
  • Best practice evaluation templates
  • Add coaching tips to recordings via voice and text annotation
  • Automatic eCoaching Assignments
    • Automatically sends a coaching assignment to agents when an evaluation question is unsatisfactory
    • Auto-assigned eLearning materials and quiz
    • Quizzes to measure agent comprehension and eLearning effectiveness
    • Dashboards reflect eCoaching assignment status
    • Reports that track performance improvements
  • Post Contact Surveys


  • Provide analysis of performance and customer satisfaction trends
  • Ad hoc report builder via user-defined criteria
  • User-specified report templates can be saved for future use
  • Drill-down provides detailed information
  • Can be viewed on demand or scheduled for delivery to a variety of stakeholders on regular basis
  • Display key metrics in real-time on dashboards
  • Save to PDF, Excel or Word


  • Automates the creation and management of performance-based contests and rewards
  • Engine manages contests based on desired parameters
  • Leaderboard displays top standings to all participants, and personal standings to individuals
  • My Bank widget stores agents’ points and can be navigated to shop and redeem for prizes

Workforce Management

  • Balance the goal for outstanding customer service and the need for low operational costs with workforce management software that:
  • Includes computer telephony (CT) adapters that allow the software to view contact history and create staff forecasts by hour, day, week, month, etc.
  • Creates schedules to match customer-defined service level objectives
  • Communicates those schedules to agents
  • Provides a view of adherence to schedules with the ability to change or optimize those schedules
Office Facilities US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner, Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 800-910-4564
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
6.0.5 None N/A