Edigin, Inc.
Headquarters Address
2519 N Van Buren
Enid, Oklahoma 73703
United States
Primary Contact:
Chris Kingsley
Phone: +1 +1 580-237-5151 x108
Tier 2
Edigin is a technology leader in call recording, quality assurance, and contact management solutions. The company provides on premise and hosted solutions directly and through its channel partners to small businesses, government entities, global enterprises, and telecommunication carriers. Businesses of all sizes and in virtually every vertical market rely on Edigin for solutions that address a broad spectrum of business objectives including liability and risk management, regulatory compliance, improved customer interaction, better staff retention and productivity, improved quality of service, and business process optimization.

Automatic Recording, Application-invoked Recording, and Silent Monitoring are integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager in 7.X, 8.X, 9.X and 10.X. In automatic recording, the recording session automatically establishes when an agent answers or initiates a call. In application-invoked recording, the application invokes the recording session for an active call through TAPI.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) provides two recording modes:

  • Automatic Recording: All calls are recorded on a line appearance and recording is invoked by CUCM
  • Selective (Application Invoked) Recording: The supervisor, agent and/or recording server can record temporarily

Silent Monitoring allows authorized users to listen to live calls for the purpose of quality assurance and training. CUCM silent monitoring is invoked by a supervisor through an IP Phone Service on the phone or the browser based SVRX user interface.