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Steven Marinaro
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Tier 2

The Ekahau A4 asset tag is an active RFID client that provides real-time location visibility for asset tracking, using Ekahau Vision™ software over a Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz). Ekahau's A4 tag operates over any Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure, including legacy and multi-vendor Cisco installations. Ekahau tags are certified under the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program to operate with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco MSE.



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The Ekahau B4 Staff Badge

  • Designed for staff or visitor tracking applications
  • Can receive and send text messages
  • Has a pull switch for triggering alarms to show location
  • Has call buttons to enable acknowledgements and alerts
  • Uses remotely-activated audio buzzers and LEDs for on-board alerting
  • Has environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries
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802.11ac Wi-Fi Site Surveys, Troubleshooting and Monitoring for Android phones and tablets

Ekahau Mobile Survey is a powerful Android application for Wi-Fi network administrators, combining the power of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi tools with the convenience and ease of use of a mobile phone app. 

It runs on pretty much any Android phone or tablet.
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi site surveys
  • 5-second Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Continuous Wi-Fi monitoring, alerts and logging


More information: http://www.ekahau.com/wifidesign/ekahau-mobile-survey
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Gain visibility into the assets, people and workflows that drive business decisions and measure, monitor and manage your enterprise with the Ekahau Vision RTLS and business intelligence platform. Ekahau active RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ tags together with Ekahau Vision software gives managers and end users unprecedented visibility into the location, condition and status of assets, people and workflows, via web browser.

Use Cases:

  • Location-Aware Safety Alerting and 2-Way Messaging
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Staff Safety and Workflow Optimization
  • Patient Safety and Throughput
  • Temperature Monitoring and Reporting
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Ekahau TS and HS tags wirelessly monitor the humidity and temperature of the environment.

You can continously, automatically follow the temperature and humidity, and set threshold alerts.

Ekahau tags are certified under the Cisco Compatible Extensions program to operate with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco MSE. Ekahau RTLS software and hardware are Cisco Compatible, and Ekahau is a Cisco Developer Network partner with AssureWave certification.

More information:

 > http://www.ekahau.com/products/real-time-location-system/wi-fi-tags.html

 > http://www.ekahau.com/solutions/healthcare/ekahau-wireless-temperature-monitoring-solution.html

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The wearable, Ekahau W4 active RFID/RTLS tag is used to locate patients, guests, and seniors over Wi-Fi networks, on real-time Ekahau Vision RTLS software maps or lists. Worn on the wrist, the Ekahau W4 wristband tag offers a help button, a two-color LED for signaling events and a vibration unit for alerting the wearer.


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Ekahau LB2 infrared (IR) Location Beacon offers optional, micro-zone location accuracy. Ekahau’s wire-free, low-cost infrared (IR) beacons can achieve bay, bed, or chair-level accuracy (~3ft/1m). The Cisco wireless infrastructure “decodes” the beacon flashes so that the Ekahau Vision software can make use of this information. Unlike competing systems, Ekahau LB2 is a battery powered, zero-cabling solution to wired alternatives and proprietary reader technology.

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802.11ac Wi-Fi Site Survey and Planning Tool

  • Predictive surveys and validation surveys
  • Wi-FI capacity planning
  • Troubleshoot and optimize Wi-Fi
  • Used by thousands of Cisco engineers and customers
  • Integrates with NCS Prime
  • "Quickest to use, unbeatable planning accuracy" - Jim Florwick / Cisco
  • "Best live surveying tool" - Bruce Alexander / Cisco

Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is used by hundreds of Cisco engineers and thousands of Cisco network administrators to design, verify,  troubleshoot, and expand Wi-Fi networks. The tool does predictive surveys, active surveys, passive surveys, you name it.

 > Contact us now: http://www.ekahau.com/wifidesign/contact

It's a great complementary tool to use together with NCS/WCS, CleanAir, and all of the Cisco Unified 802.11ac Wireless Network. 

Based on your requirements, such as voice, data, RTLS, or medical-grade, the Ekahau Site Survey network planner suggests where to place access points and how to configure them. Unlike the other tools out there, it's completely 3D, meaning you will get an optimal multi-floor network: You'll maximize the coverage while minimizing the interference and cost.

When it's time to verify the network operation on-site, ESS supports active and passive site surveys. This minimizes your on-site time and walking effort during validation.

Whether planning or verifying, ESS provides unbeatable analysis tools for easily viewing network performance and optimizing it.

ESS is the only Cisco partner tool to feature 3D network planning for coverage and capacity.

ESS integrates with Ekahau Mobile Survey, the Android-based verification, troubleshooting and monitoring tool for tablets and smartphones. Mobile Survey can be bought separately, but it's also included in Ekahau Site Survey Premium Pack

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