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Ekahau RTLS is being used by over 400 healthcare facilities around the world and has a proven return-on-investment in under one year. A strong ROI combined with Cisco infrastructure offers the Cisco partner healthcare community new tools to save money and improve overall quality, safety and patient care. Ekahau RTLS works with the hospital’s Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure with its patented algorithms and its unique ability to use both Wi-Fi and Infrared signals to enable a multitude of clinical applications, from enterprise-wide asset visibility to bed-level patient flow and process monitoring. Hospitals often begin by installing an RTLS system for tracking and managing their assets and subsequently add applications such as staff duress, patient flow and environmental monitoring. The Ekahau RTLS system consists of Ekahau’s RTLS Controller and Vision software applications that work with Ekahau’s broad range Wi-Fi tags and sensors that are designed to be affixed to assets or to be worn by patients and staff members. Ekahau RTLS is capable of also tracking other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart pumps, wireless patient monitors, Wi-Fi telephones and mobile RFID and barcode readers without the need to use a tag or client software on these devices.

The Ekahau A4 asset tag is an active RFID client that provides real-time location visibility for asset tracking, using Ekahau Vision™ software over a Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz). Ekahau's A4 tag operates over any Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure, including legacy and multi-vendor Cisco installations. Ekahau tags are certified under the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program to operate with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco MSE.

Lightweight, battery-powered, Ekahau A4 tags (clients with radios) transmit standard 802.11 (Wi-Fi) signals periodically to Cisco access points, communicating with Ekahau software for location calculation and positioning. Tag communications are programmable and may be activated automatically based on location or tag button presses. The dust- and splash-proof Ekahau A4 has a small form factor and weight, comparable to a match box. The Ekahau A4 offers two software-configurable buttons that may be used for sending alarms or notifications. With the Ekahau A4 tag’s low power radio and an intelligent motion sensor, it can provide a battery life of up to five years. The Ekahau A4 can be configured and managed remotely without having to recall or touch the tag.


The Ekahau B4 Staff Badge

  • Designed for staff or visitor tracking applications
  • Can receive and send text messages
  • Has a pull switch for triggering alarms to show location
  • Has call buttons to enable acknowledgements and alerts
  • Uses remotely-activated audio buzzers and LEDs for on-board alerting
  • Has environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries

Ekahau Mobile Survey puts powerful Wi-Fi network analysis and monitoring tools in the palm of IT administrators’ and wireless network engineers’ hands. Designed specifcally for use on Android-based smartphones and tablets, Ekahau Mobile Survey is always with you, working in the background to identify network problems, at a fraction of the cost of conventional, purposebuilt Wi-Fi hardware tool.

Ekahau Mobile Survey is also a fully-blown, multi-floor site survey and coverage mapping tool!

Gain visibility into the assets, people and workflows that drive business decisions and measure, monitor and manage your enterprise with the Ekahau Vision RTLS and business intelligence platform. Ekahau active RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ tags together with Ekahau Vision software gives managers and end users unprecedented visibility into the location, condition and status of assets, people and workflows, via web browser.

Ekahau Vision accurately determines and displays the real-time location of each tag using the Wi-Fi network and patented location “fingerprinting” technology that accurately predicts real-time asset and staff locations. The software uses actual floor plans and visual icons to display the building, floor, zone, room and sub-room locations and status (on, off, alarmed, etc.) of tracked assets and people and handles RFID tag management, provides an open API for third-party systems, enables alerting and 2-way messaging, and generates reports and dashboards to help support improved decision-making.

Ekahau Mobile Vision™ (EMV) for iOS-based mobile devices is also offered, allowing end users to use their smartphones and tablets to view and respond to Ekahau RTLS events and alarms, on the go.

RFID Tags are Important, But Location-Based Business Intelligence is Essential

Location is great, but without intelligence, you’re left with an ultra-accurate way to find a wheelchair on a map. That’s why Ekahau Vision™ provides business value with reports, alerting, real-time location information, temperature monitoring, and more. 

Use Cases:

  • Location-Aware Safety and Security Alerting
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Staff Safety and Workflow Optimization
  • Patient Safety and Throughput
  • Temperature Monitoring and Sensing


Ekahau HS1 Humidity Tag

Monitoring humidity and temperature is vital in environmentally sensitive areas in hospital operating rooms, surgical supply rooms, medical storage rooms and with various industrial processes. By ensuring the correct humidity and temperature levels, hospitals and factories can prevent growth of mold, mites and fungus. The Ekahau HS1 humidity tags provide an automated way to measure and monitor the relative humidity and surrouding temperature. Combined with Ekahau Vision, the solution automatically alerts when the humidity or temperature of the monitored environment goes outside a

Ekahau’s wearable W4 wristband tag includes two colored LEDs which signal events to the tag wearer, in addition to vibration-based alerting. Patients can request help or acknowledge calls. W4 tags are re-chargeable. They feature a comfortable, water-proof watch-like design, dual alarm indication with LED and vibration, detachable wristbands for faster cleaning and a top barcode for simplified #ID scanning.

Ekahau tags are certified under the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program to operate with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco MSE. Ekahau RTLS software and hardware are Cisco Compatible, and Ekahau is a Cisco Developer Network partner with Assurewave certification. The T301W tag is waterproof allowing it to be thoroughly sanitized after use.




Ekahau LB2 infrared (IR) Location Beacon offers optional, micro-zone location accuracy for the Ekahau Real-Time Location System (RFID-over-Wi-Fi). Ekahau’s wire-free, low-cost infrared (IR) beacons can achieve bay, bed, or chair-level accuracy (~3ft/1m). The Cisco wireless infrastructure “decodes” the beacon flashes so that the Ekahau Vision software can make use of this information. Unlike competing systems, Ekahau LB2 is a battery powered, zero-cabling solution to wired alternatives and proprietary reader technology.

Ekahau tags are certified under the Cisco Compatible Extensions program to operate with Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco MSE. Ekahau RTLS software and hardware are Cisco Compatible, and Ekahau is a Cisco Developer Network partner with Assurewave certification.

802.11 Wi-Fi Site Survey and Planning Tool

Join the hundreds of Cisco engineers and thousands of Cisco network administrators using Ekahau Site Survey to get the best possible Wi-Fi performance.

Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is a robust, yet simple to use, software tool for Wi-Fi network planning and administration. ESS gives users a ground-level view of coverage and performance, enabling them to quickly and easily create, improve and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks.

ESS integrates with WCS/NCS, and incorportates the latest Cisco Access Points and Antennas for Cisco specific network design and troubleshooting. ESS also features a Location Services/RTLS analysis capability to show how your network will perform for location-based/RTLS services