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Ekahau RTLS is being used by over 400 healthcare facilities around the world and has a proven return-on-investment in under one year. A strong ROI combined with Cisco infrastructure offers the Cisco partner healthcare community new tools to save money and improve overall quality, safety and patient care. Ekahau RTLS works with the hospital’s Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure with its patented algorithms and its unique ability to use both Wi-Fi and Infrared signals to enable a multitude of clinical applications, from enterprise-wide asset visibility to bed-level patient flow and process monitoring. Hospitals often begin by installing an RTLS system for tracking and managing their assets and subsequently add applications such as staff duress, patient flow and environmental monitoring. The Ekahau RTLS system consists of Ekahau’s RTLS Controller and Vision software applications that work with Ekahau’s broad range Wi-Fi tags and sensors that are designed to be affixed to assets or to be worn by patients and staff members. Ekahau RTLS is capable of also tracking other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart pumps, wireless patient monitors, Wi-Fi telephones and mobile RFID and barcode readers without the need to use a tag or client software on these devices.

Ekahau Mobile Survey puts powerful Wi-Fi network analysis and monitoring tools in the palm of IT administrators’ and wireless network engineers’ hands. Designed specifcally for use on Android-based smartphones and tablets, Ekahau Mobile Survey is always with you, working in the background to identify network problems, at a fraction of the cost of conventional, purposebuilt Wi-Fi hardware tool.

Ekahau Mobile Survey is also a fully-blown, multi-floor site survey and coverage mapping tool!

802.11 Wi-Fi Site Survey and Planning Tool

Join the hundreds of Cisco engineers and thousands of Cisco network administrators using Ekahau Site Survey to get the best possible Wi-Fi performance.

Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) is a robust, yet simple to use, software tool for Wi-Fi network planning and administration. ESS gives users a ground-level view of coverage and performance, enabling them to quickly and easily create, improve and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks.

ESS integrates with WCS/NCS, and incorportates the latest Cisco Access Points and Antennas for Cisco specific network design and troubleshooting. ESS also features a Location Services/RTLS analysis capability to show how your network will perform for location-based/RTLS services