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Ellysse’s products can meet even the most complex requirements of contact centres for both inbound and outbound services, or for automated answering services. A powerful ACD engine makes it possible to define sophisticated rules for the distribution of calls to agents. The IVR module’s functions enable implementation of queuing services or automated interaction with callers via DTMF tones. It is possible to monitor the activities under way and extract detailed or grouped statistics by means of a simple, comprehensive administration panel.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR enables voice telephone services to be managed through interaction with DTMF tones, and calls to be handled by differentiating call priority based on the number called, the caller or the service required. It is possible to create complex call flows via a simple web interface

Automatic Call Distributor

ACD enables the most suitable agent to be contacted based on workloads, options selected within the IVR tree, queue congestion, PIN codes, conditions present in external databases, times, service priority, agent skills and countless other conditions

CTI and Screen-pops

At the same time as a call is transferred to an agent, it is possible to synchronise the opening of a client application offering potentially useful parameters to handle the call. The agent can view the number of queued calls and active agents


It is possible to monitor in real time, including in graphic form, variables relating to the status of agents, groups and lines with indications of active agents, calls under way, waiting times, duration of conversations, contacts handled and SLA indicators


Statistics relating to agents, groups and call flows are available and consultable at all times, including in graphic form, with data updated in real time and exported in CSV, XML or HTML format


All conversations may be recorded in either on-demand or full-time modes. The recorded files may be encrypted and replayed only by logging in to the application


By importing lists from external databases, agent productivity can be increased, thanks to power and predictive dialling engines, since the manual stages of the outbound process are eliminated. Inbound and outbound activities may be combined (call blending)


Handling incoming emails is a process that can be integrated with the handling of telephone calls. The same front end, the same database and a single statistical dashboard mean that it is possible to check, in real time, that all emails received have been duly dealt with

Customer Satisfaction

It is possible to interact with people who have contacted the call centre in order to establish their level of satisfaction. At the end of the conversation with an agent, the call is automatically transferred to the DTMF interaction system, allowing useful information to be obtained

High Availability - Disaster Recovery

Service continuity both locally and for a wider area is a feature that can be integrated into the proposal, configured either as active/active with load-based servers, or as active/passive with failover in the event of a fault

Office Facilities European Markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner
Support Coverage Hours Standard business hours
TAC Hotline 0039 0522 232699
TAC Support Alias null
TAC URL null


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
3.5 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1
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