Deployment Model: On-premise
Technology: IoE and Digital Building

The SmartRow for Digital Ceiling contains all supporting infrastructure required to successfully deploy your Cisco Digital Ceiling in up to a 120,000ft2 building. This row based system is specifically designed to support up to 50 Cisco 3850 switches featuring 24 PoE 60W ports on each switch, for a maximum of 1,200 PoE end-points.

The SmartRow for Digital Ceiling completely eliminates the need to build a dedicated MDF/IDF closet to host your Digital Ceiling infrastructure in large buildings. SmartRow delivers data center grade thermal management, UPS power conditioning, monitoring and control technologies, emergency ventilation and cable management

all in an enclosed room neutral system. With multiple ways to configure for future expansion, and power and cooling redundancy levels, it is a flexible solution to meet today’s needs while being prepared for

the unknown of tomorrow. It will save several weeks in your construction schedule and decreases the number of people required to finish the project.

  • Complete Datacenter Infrastructure. The SmartRow contains all of the necessary sub-systems to create the datacenter environment required to support the Cisco 3850 switches inclusive of the racks, power conditioning and distribution, cooling with automatic back-up ventilation equipment, and monitoring.
  • Room Neutral Design. The SmartRow’s closed architecture isolates the system from the building HVAC which typically can not support the dense heat load. It also avoids issues resulting from building HVAC setback operation during nights and weekends which can cause these switches to shutdown on high temperature. This factory engineered architecture allows for very predictable and repeatable performance on-site while delivering up to 27% energy savings over alternative approaches.
  • Power Distribution and Back-up. The SmartRow comes equipped with a high-effi ciency, redundant 75kVA Liebert® APM™ UPS with battery cabinet options for either standard or extended battery

    runtimes, a power bypass / distribution cabinet, and intelligent rack PDU’s. The intelligent rack PDU’s allow you to monitor and control each of the (120) C13 receptacles individually for greater awareness and allows for hard-rebooting of switches remotely.
  • Cooling System. The SmartRow integrated high-effi ciency cooling system is comprised of an 20kW air-cooled Liebert CRV™ row based cooling unit, a high effi ciency outdoor condenser, and back-up

    ventilation fans that will automatically activate during a loss of primary cooling to prevent the switches from overheating. With standard and expanded outdoor temperature confi gurations available, the SmartRow for Digital Ceiling can be quickly deployed in virtually any location.
  • Physical Security. The SmartRow for Digital Ceiling has lockable front and rear networking racks and can be equipped with additional sensors and access controls for remote awareness and management.
  • Expansion Channels. Fully enclosing the SmartRow system, the expansion channels ensure only conditioned air reaches the Cisco switches, UPS and batteries while also increasing the capacity and

    effi ciency of the cooling system. The expansion channels also reduce the sound level of the row based equipment and its dependency on the building HVAC allowing the SmartRow to be deployed in shared spaces – no need to build out dedicated MDF/IDF rooms.
  • Controls and Monitoring. The SmartRow comes equipped with Liebert iCOM™ controls that manage the cooling system in real-time, including the outdoor heat rejection, and ensures the highest levels of

    effi ciency. All power and cooling components can be managed via the network using standard management protocols.
  • Remote Access. You will be able to always access the Cisco switches through your network or a modem connection. This means you will never lose access to your network equipment and will be able to commission, troubleshoot, and fix issues remotely saving you time and money.
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