Deployment Model: On-premise
Publisher: Endava
Cisco Unified Callconnector for SugarCRM is the answer for every company that relies on both SugarCRM and Cisco IP telephony to transact business. It provides Cisco IP Communications users with screen pops with customer data, click-to-call from SugarCRM, inbound and outbound call logging, allows search through SugarCRM database from IP phone and SugarCRM alerts on IP phone. It gives those users working with Cisco IP phone access to any information from SugarCRM database.No longer do the sales and service representatives have to manually log calls into the SugarCRM system. Now, all inbound and outbound calls are automatically matched with the corresponding record in SugarCRM, and call data is captured and logged. When calls come in, users working with Cisco IP phone are automatically connected to the SugarCRM system and the IP Phone screen is populated with customer contact record. New customer data collected during the call is uploaded back into the system. Sign up for free 15-day trial on our product page:
  • Call_id_one
  • On_call
  • On_pickup_contact
  • Customer search from IP phones (allows searching SugarCRM customer database from IP phone)
  • Customer identification on IP phone (display customer data from SugarCRM on IP phone display when phone is ringing)
  • Screen pop-up. On every inbound call, web browser will auto-launch new SugarCRM page with all matching CRM records. CRM users are allowed to keep notes during or after the call and with one click, “attach” new notes to the proper record(s) or even create a new one on the fly.
  • Call capture (automatically capture call start/end time and allow user to enter call notes during and after the call).
  • Captured calls are stored in SugarCRM and automatically attached to the matched Contacts, Accounts or Leads
  • Displaying of SugarCRM reminders and notifications on IP phone
  • Click to call from SugarCRM
Office Facilities Asia-Pacific, European Markets
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Extended Hours
TAC Hotline +381112057438
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.3 None N/A