Technology: Wireless/Mobility and Guest Access (App)
Current version: 1.1
Publisher: Etelu

Etelu has developed an app platform that allows the client to use either one of these frameworks and populate with their own data. We provide a full roster of services from map design to full app creation. We are committed to providing the best end user experience and enhance our offerings with a collection of other services. Our MediLocator App focuses on health care and our CampuLocator App focuses on any retail site, large corporate campus or educational campus.

The MediLocator App solution provides a low cost, quick turnaround solution for offering patients and visitors a mobile app that enables them to Find a Doctor, Find a Clinic, Find a Patient Room, Find a Lab close to them when they need blood drawn. The MediLocator App also encorpates a number of other features that a patient or loved one might encounter while dealing with a medical situation such as local accomodations, local transit, track a loved through surgery, financial services, send patient email and events calendar.

The CampuLocator can be used for either the corporate client with a large campus or a university or college. The full version of the App enables the business or university to provide their users with the ability to find a classroom or department, find instructor or office, find a bathroom, find a book in the library, view an event calendar, find local coupons or promotions, find medical services, find local transit and more.

Both app solutions are offered for iPhone and Android devices.

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  • Find a Doctor (sort by name, speciality or closest to location)
  • Find a Lab (closest to location)
  • Find a Clinic
  • Find a Hospital Room or Department
  • Get Directions from Any Location to Room or Department
  • Local Accomodations
  • Send Email or Cheer Card
  • Donate to the Foundation
  • Events Calendar
  • Financial Services
  • Food Services Onsite and Offsite
  • Giftshop Info
  • Patient Connection - patient can check test results, etc.
  • Track a Loved one through Surgery
  • Transit Schedule
  • Web Nursery



  • Find a Classroom or Board Room
  • Find a Bathroom
  • Find an Instructor or Individual
  • Parking Information
  • Local Accomodations
  • Events/Athletics Calendar
  • Coupons/Promotions
  • Restaurants Onsite and Off
  • Find a Library Book
  • Medical Services and Defibrilator locations
  • News
  • Local Transit Schedule
  • Visitor Info


Office Facilities US & Canada
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 360-969-0118
TAC Support Alias null


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.1 None N/A