The Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) enables mobile operators to manage the proliferation of data and rapid signaling growth effectively while ensuring reliability and top network performance— and it does this from a single platform. The SDC provides essential Diameter signaling functions including context-aware routing, intelligent load balancing, and seamless connectivity among all legacy network elements, interfaces, and protocols. It also delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics and a testing and simulation suite to aid in infrastructure forecasting and planning.

When you deploy the SDC, you can take advantage of:

  •  Core router with a DRA—for reliable failover management and increased network performance.
  •  Edge router with a DEA—for roaming and interconnecting with security.
  •  Diameter load balancer—for unlimited scalability and cost-effective growth with improved utilization of resources.
  •  Diameter gateway plus IWF—for seamless connectivity between all network elements, protocols, and interfaces.
  •  Network visibility—for immediate identification and root-cause analysis of network problems, and improved capacity planning.
  •  Network analytics—reporting capabilities for network analytics and subscriber intelligence, and for providing key performance indicators to marketing.
  •  Diameter testing and simulation suite—for evaluation and monitoring of network performance and operation of new elements.

Intelligent Context-Aware Routing

In 3G and 4G LTE environments, networks become more complex and the existence of multiple Diameter nodes requires a Diameter solution for better scalability, survivability, simple interconnections, and vendor interworking. The SDC meets all of these requirements and provides an advanced, context-aware routing engine. With the SDC operators benefit from a wide range of routing rules and policies.

Diameter gateway

The Traffix SDC Diameter gateway overcomes interoperability problems between different Diameter vendors. It also translates legacy signaling protocols to Diameter and vice versa, to solve vendor interworking and connectivity challenges.Using flexible Diameter data dictionaries, the SDC provides support for RADIUS, SS7, LDAP, SQL, HTTP, GTP’, JMS, and other protocols. With support for more than 50 Diameter interfaces, you can preserve existing infrastructure investments.


Advanced Load Balancing

4G LTE deployments require scalability in order to grow efficiently and effectively, and also to maintain high network performance, service availability, and a simplified, costeffective architecture. The SDC enables you to scale by implementing comprehensive layers 4–7 load balancing solutions, including smart Diameter session stickiness, Diameter server failover recognition, dynamic flow control, and transparent traffic redistribution.

Overload and Congestion Control

The Traffix SDC provides multiple mechanisms for resource management and congestion control that protect both the SDC and the connected elements from overload conditions. These mechanisms are based on message-oriented flow control, traffic-shaping algorithms, and load-shedding algorithms.

In an LTE environment, there are multiple situations that may cause overload, such as signaling storms resulting from faulty network elements. The overload control mechanisms assure that the service continues without degradation.

Enhanced Security and Connectivity in Roaming

The Traffix SDC offers an advanced Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) that extends its capabilities in network signaling for tighter security and normalized functionality in roaming, and other connectivity. It has a  normalization engine that ensures that only supported AVPs and content enter the network. It offers high security and failover protection by masquerading the network to prevent unauthorized access.

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