Focom Limited
Headquarters Address
BERKHAMSTED, Hertfordshire HP4 2XD
United Kingdom
Primary Contact:
Phone: 44 0 1442 200000
Tier 1
Focom Limited provide telephone call logging software and solutions to companies ranging from SME to multi-site, multi-country, multi-currency locations. We provide both software and management provision.

Telephone Call Logging / Accounting / Management but for the SME market.  The product is self-installed and self-managed and allows the smaller business the ability to monitor their own statistics at a fraction of the cost.

It is designed to log telephone call records for single outputs up to a maximum of 500 extensions.

The system is loaded with specific report templates which the user can adapt to filter and suit their needs.

The product is simple to use.

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RETRIEVER allows our customers the ability to have a fully functioning Call Logging / Accounting / Management solution but without the hassel of having to manage it themselves.

The service has been offered since 1998 and still going from strength to strength.

Their data is stored at our offices and they are able to access their data (depending on their access level) to run their own reports and view real-time screens, regardless of their location.

Reports are also automatically set-up up to schedule to end users in a number of different formats: such as reports for Financial packages (i.e. SAP) or direct use in an Excel spreadsheet, etc.

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LUMBERJACK is a telephone call logging / management / accounting software allowing our customers to interrogate their phone system data over individual or multiple sites.

It is accessed either via a Client or Web Browser.

LUMBERJACK has been installed on Customer sites since 1996.  The current version 2.3 is currently installed on customer sites although 2.4 is planned from January 2012.  Full details about the history of the product can be found under our support pages:

Version History

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