Glue Networks
Headquarters Address
2020 L Street
Sacramento, California 95811
United States
Primary Contact:
Hamish Butler
Phone: 9168778061
Tier 2

Glue Networks pioneered the automation of software-defined networking (SDN) for the wide area network (WAN) by developing the first intelligent orchestration engine.

Gluware® by Glue Networks is an SDN platform that simplifies the complexity of deploying and managing a feature-rich WAN.

With Gluware, IT staff can refocus their attention to the actual features required, while the underlying configuration details, orchestration and ongoing monitoring tasks are handled automatically.

Gluware is composed of two parts: Gluware Control for configuration and operation of large networks, and Gluware Lab, for a wide range of feature customization requirements. 

Gluware® by Glue Networks is a cloud-based software solution specifically designed specifically to easily deploy, manage, and monitor feature-rich WANs using feature based configuration and zero-touch deployment.


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