Headquarters Address
Vestfold Innovation Park,Raveien 205, N-3184 Borre, Norway
Oslo, Oslo 0001
Primary Contact:
Pranjol Saikia
Tier 1
GuardREC AS came into existence during the Summer of 2012 and is a sector-focused spin off from Ricochet AS, a world leader in software-based digital recording and replay systems for the aviation industry (in use at over 350 airports worldwide). GuardREC AS has leveraged years of specialised knowledge of voice recording in the aviation sector to bring you a cutting edge solution re-designed specifically for the banking and financial industries.   Our flagship product is guardREC™, a robust media management and recording system that is implemented at some of the most well-respected banking and financial organisations in Europe. Our system facilitates corporate compliance with governmental regulations with regards to the voice recording of sensitive data

guardREC™ is normally delivered as a software application, installed on the customers own servers. Our customers may then make use of existing IT supplier agreements and use the server they prefer.  Windows update and security patches are automatically supported and guardREC™ behaves like any other Windows application in the user’s IT environment.

For smaller implementations guardREC™ is installed on one server and for larger implementations, the recording functionality is normally spread over multiple servers. Storage of the calls are at the customers own SQL servers and playback is performed in the users web browser, via the customers IIS.

guardREC Call Recorder for Cisco will record voice calls in a Cisco IP telephony environment.

The recorder supports call recording for internal calls, external calls and conference calls.

guardREC supports both SPAN and Forked recording.

The application can be deployed in either of the following modes:

•        Record all the calls for configured Cisco IP Phones

•        Ad hoc recording, where the users initiate the recording by pressing a key on their Cisco IP Phones

•        A combination of above 2 modes

guardREC Call Recording is available for both Cisco UCM (CUCM) & Cisco BE6K

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