Deployment Model: On-premise
Technology: UCS Director and Unified Computing

The Hitachi Storage Connector for Cisco UCS Director enables the management for Hitachi Storage through Cisco UCS Director. The Storage Connector is a downloadable package that facilitates UCS Director management of Hitachi storage systems, as standalone arrays or as part of a Hitachi UCP Select solution

NEW in Version v02.1.1

  • Support for Global Active Device (GAD) Pairing
    • Pair, Split, Resync, Delete workflow tasks
    • Pair, Split, Resync and Delete actions with streamlined GUI interface
    • Resource Group for Virtual Storage Machine (VSM) tasks and actions
  • Improved reliability of Create Pool actions
  • Support for versions and 6.0 of UCS Director
  • Monitor the status of TrueCopy (TC) and Universal Replicator (UR) pairs
  • Framework for Unified (File) Support

Supported Platforms

System Model

VSP G/F800, G/F600, G/F400, G200

VSP G1000



Hitachi Storage Connector for Cisco UCS Director makes it easy to add, manage and leverage the ingenuity and quality of best-in-class Hitachi storage platforms within UCS ecosystems. This solution encorporates a precertified fully integrated adapter for UCS Director that optimizes virtualization, simplifies operations and extends the value of Hitachi storage assets. Supporting key inventory, orchestration and workflow tasks, Storage Connector for Cisco UCS Director reduces time spent managing infrastructure so IT can focus on other innovations and priorities for the business.

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Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Standard business hours
TAC Hotline 1-800-446-0744
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
2.1.1 Unified Computing - UCS Director
  • Cisco UCS Director - 6.0
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