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Becky Maycock
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Impact Technologies leverages the creative and intelligent application of technology to provide a significant, positive impact on our customers' goals. We deliver world-class solutions — on time, on budget and of superior quality. Our innovative products deliver easy-to-use, easy-to-understand approaches to monitor, extend and secure communication systems to solve critical issues throughout the enterprise and drive down operational expense. Solutions with Impact® extend to encompass a wide variety of business assets and operational arenas, including optimizing voice networks, maximizing call center performance, streamlining operations and elevating safety and security. Our portfolio of high-impact solutions is based on the input of customers. We remain passionate about and dedicated to the success of our customers. Impact is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We are a privately held corporation.

Traffic Analyst’s voice network performance and deep call forensics tools provide complete voice network visibility, be it a TDM or SIP network. Traffic Analyst provides visibility across PBX vendors and platforms and is continually enhanced driven by market demands. 

By overcoming the limitations and complications of the industry’s traditional engineering methodologies, Traffic Analyst provides a simple, more reliable alternative to improve the service and cost performance of a voice network.  Traffic Analyst is not just another network management system or call accounting package.  Traffic Analyst delivers the market’s most comprehensive view of voice network utilization and performance, showing current levels in real-time for operational management and historical patterns for planning.  Traffic Analyst also offers a dramatically different approach to call analytics by delivering deep call forensics. Traffic Analyst provides 24x365 visibility and definitive analytics to set you on a direct path to achieving your network goals.


OnTraQ offers a unique approach to keeping UCCE and UCCX call centers on track – at a price point unmatched in today’s market. OnTraQ is focused on delivering superior dashboards and reports so supervisors and managers have the best analytics to drive their call center’s performance at a fraction of the traditional system cost.

But OnTraQ is not just all about saving money. OnTraQ provides visibility and insight into the key metrics to keep call centers running at a high level of performance. You view the information you need, when you need it, and then can make the timely adjustments to meet your performance objectives. Live views, dashboards and historical reporting are available within the same application and easily accessible with a few mouse clicks.

OnTraQ offers affordable, world-class analytics for any size Cisco UCCX/UCCE inbound call center. OnTraQ has the right answers, at the right price to keep your call centers on track. It is that simple!