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United States
Primary Contact:
Jim Mannion
Phone: +1 800.637.1077 8122
Tier 2
Inova Solutions is a global provider of real-time visual communication solutions. Through innovative use of technology, we help organizations communicate more effectively to positively impact operations. Offering includes award-winning communication software, display hardware, services and support, allowing us to provide customers with a complete solution.

The Cisco UCC Data Source for LightLink connects a LightLink middleware server to a Cisco UCC system using an ODBC connection. This enables the LightLink system to access a variety of Contact Center statistics for real time display.

Display your Cisco stats in real-time on engaging, high resolution plasma or LCD screens from Inova Solutions and Four Winds Interactive.

Performance Tracker consolidates your most relevant metrics from multiple centers and data sources (such as Cisco UCCX and UCCE) and displays this information on a custom-built web dashboard. Users can quickly access a high-level overview of call center performance metrics, then drill down into areas of interest to learn more.

Inova Desktop Presenter displays call center stats in a variety of formats designed to promote quick comprehension. This product encompasses three applications that are available individually or in bundles. These applications include:

  • Inova Marquee: a virtual wallboard for the desktop
  • Inova DataLink: color-coded grids, animated charts or histograms
  • Inova TaskLink: ticker-style display for metrics and messages

Desktop Presenter gives contact center agents a sense of the real-time environment in which they work — keeping them informed, focusing their efforts and guiding their actions to meet and maintain performance goals.