Interlabz Technologies
Headquarters Address
L4-08,Splendid Plaza,Cox Town
Bangalore, Karnataka 560005
Primary Contact:
Mohammed Imtiaz Mallick
Phone: 00971555137210
Tier 1

Interlabz Technologies specializes in software and application development related to hospitality industry. Interlabz is part of Kiran International Group. Our primary goal is to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions using cutting-edge technology through research and development . Below are the solutions developed by us:

    Surfsonix HSIA System: This is the next generation HSIA(High Speed Internet Access) solution providing the hotel owners with peace of mind due to reduced guests complains, increased revenues, streamlined daily operation. Some of the advance features are Real Plug and Play, Advance bandwidth management, traffic policing etc. which make the IT operation hassle free.

Surfsonix HSIA = Peace of Mind.

    Surfsonix SiFi: SiFi stands for Secure Social WiFi. This is an advance Hotspot solution harnessing the power of the social media. It allows the property owners to provide high speed and secure internet access to the visitors/guests using the social logons or forms. This solution could be easily deployed in hotels, restaurants, cafes, mall, healthcare premises etc. The benefits of using this solution are that it collects data for WiFi Analytics, WiFi Marketing, Presence Analytics, Social Marketing etc.

Introduction :

More than 70% of the venues run completely on open WiFi networks, meaning anyone could access their network, putting them at greater risk of a potential intrusion & attack. But as with many security-related issues, potential threats become minimized with the right systems in place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a restaurant, cafes, clinics, trade show, expos, car service or a shopping mall with thousands of visitors, your customers expect free WiFi at your premises. Anyone who has the potential to offer free Wifi to their customers will benefit from this technology.

Free internet is becoming the norm. We expect free WiFi access in public places. Businesses are looking for new ways how to monetize their free WiFi.

We have the solution, we use sophisticated technologies based on customer insight, real-time-bidding & the use of social media for advertisements and product sales targeting. We enable businesses to engage and monetize customers. In two years the growth in free WiFi hotspots worldwide will be doubled. We are going to be the market leader of this wave.