FlowMon Collector provides complete network traffic visibility, providing the administrator with multitude network visualizations and view perspectives, Top-N statistics: users, network services and interactions. Built-in and user-defined profiles provide drill-down views to any network interaction. Customized reporting and alerting for predefined events enables administration automation, set it and forget it, and monitoring efficiency – only receive alerts on events that are of importance. Functionality of FlowMon Collector can be further extended by FlowMon ADS system (NBA/NBAD technology) for automatic detection of security and operational incidents.

In addition to a detailed overview of each communication in a computer network, FlowMon collector provides advanced features and functionality:

Upper layer protocols analysis (L7 analysis) - support for collection and analysis of VoIP statistics (delays, packet loss, jitter), HTTP information (URL, hostname) and detected applications according to Cisco NBAR2 standard, Multi-user access (multitenancy) - the ability to define precisely what data each user has access to and what operations he is authorized for,

Support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment - detection and overview of all active devices on network.

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  • High-performance collector for flow data analysis
  • Complete visibility into network traffic with possibility to drill-down to any communication
  • NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, sFlow, NetStream, jFlow including NBAR2, NSEL/NEL, MAC addresses,
  • HTTP information, VoIP statistics support
  • Network performance characteristics (NPM, AVC ART), statistics visualization and views
  • Top N statistics, user-defined profiles, automated reporting, email alerting
  • Support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile device identification including operation system
  • User identity as an integral part of flow statistics
  • Automated detection of data sources
  • Multi-user administrative access (multi-tenancy)
  • High performance database system optimized for fast access and data retrieval
  • RESTful API for automated acquisition and processing of flow statistics in third party systems
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