Deployment Model: On-premise and SaaS
Technology: Context Aware (App) and Wireless/Mobility
Current version: 1.0

Insights Visitor is at the forefront of consumer insights, engagement and analytics platforms, enabling you to measure, understand and captivate your customers - what they like and how they interact with you.

Insights Visitor delivers you actionable insights. The platform works by collecting, aggregating and analysing data from a broad range of sensors in and around your shopping centre such as WiFi networks, Bluetooth beacons and a range of open and proprietary data sources. With our frictionless user sign up, we provide a better user experience, higher user engagement and the most in depth data and analytics driving our client’s real value and real Insights.

Insights Visitor leverages data available from the Cisco CMX suite including Mobility Service Engine and Wireless Controllers combined with user traffic analysis captured via our passive Collector appliance.


  • Scalable solution – Suitable for any retail space, property, transport hub or other large public venue
  • Wi-Fi Hardware and ISP agnostic – Leverage your existing infrastructure and services or choose the provider that best suits your needs
  • Rich and Engaging Captive Portal - Enable and engage end users while capturing valuable data from volunteered information or social network login
  • API Integration - Accepts data from any information source that has structured data output
  • Customisable reports – Create the reports that suit your purpose and easily export and share
  • Web dashboards – Access from anywhere, anytime and fully customisable
  • Cloud based – Cloud based solution provided as a SaaS
Office Facilities Asia-Pacific, European Markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner, Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 02 8251 9600
TAC Support Alias


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.0 None N/A