Headquarters Address
770 North Halsted
Chicago, Illinois 60642
United States
Primary Contact:
Todd Rabideau
Phone: +1 3129623720
Tier 1
NXPO's next-generation Webcasting solution enhances the way companies connect with their customers, employees, partners and prospects. Each webcast can be deployed as a link on a website or in an email, in an Online Event on our award-winning event platform, as part of an ongoing 365 Learning Environment, or within our Social Business TV® platform. In addition to delivering audio and video webcasts, we complement these broadcasts with social tools that turn boring presentations into memorable experiences. To date, INXPO has delivered more than 3,000 successful online communications programs for global customers, including Autodesk, Cisco, Freeman, George P. Johnson, Hilton, HIMSS, P&G, PCMA, TechTarget, UBM and the U.S. Department of State.

Your environment will be hosted on the powerful INXPO communications platform that is designed to provide:

› Secure, and high performing marketing communications experiences that can support any initiative, large or small › Mobile access via an HTML iPad-compatible interface, as well as through mobile apps for iPhone and Android users › An engaging experience that promotes meaningful interaction for events or Social Business TV initiatives › Complete measurement providing you with actionable customer intelligence that directly affects your bottom line


INXPO’s Online Events is a turnkey communications and engagement solution that enables you to:

› Generate leads to fuel your sales pipeline › Launch new products to the market › Stay close and connected with your customers and prospects › Extend and further monetize your  physical events  
INXPO's Social Business TV platform is the next generation in webcasting technology offering companies the ability to present LIVE and On-Demand content through topic-specific channels that resonate with your audience.   Overview:
  • 100% self-service
  • User centric platform focused on LIVE & On-Demand video presentations
  • Simplified content creation using webcasting Program Wizard
  • Unlimited webcasts included in monthly subscription
INXPO's Communities are changing the way companies engage with internal and external audiences, incorporating interactive applications for an unforgettable virtual networking and learning experience.   Overview
  • Regularly interact with employees and external audiences
  • Build and brand your "Always-On" online virtual environment
  • Create a network and distribute content using interactive social tools
  • Engage your audience through polls, surveys, badging, and games
  • Share your results using our comprehensive reporting dashboards

INXPO's webcasting platform is the industry's most interactive, easy to use, and affordable solution providing companies a cost-effective solution to reach a mass audience.

INXPO’s webcasting solution is a turnkey communications and engagement solution that enables you to deliver:

  • Powerful product demonstrations
  • Education workshops and training sessions
  • Marketing presentations for demand generation
  • Consistent company updates