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If you are looking for a replacement attendant console that delivers an exceptional value for your dollar, consider a VistaPoint Console.

Available VistaPoint Consoles;

  • PC-Based (client-server model)
  • Lite (stand-alone no server required)
  • WebConsole (browser-based)
  • Agent Console (for UCCX)

VistaPoint Attendant Console for Cisco UCM and BE6/7K

iQ NetSolutions is a Preferred Solution Partner and has been providing Cisco customers with Attendant Consoles since 2002. We offer several types of Consoles from a stand-alone (no server needed) console to a browser-based console that eliminates the need to deploy software on the operator's PC. All consoles were designed to fit your organization's budget and needs. Our product portfolio includes:

· VistaPoint "Lite" Console - Stand-alone (no server needed)

· WebConsole – Browser-based version w/WebView and Jabber Embedded

· Console Companion – Client-based console for larger deployments (server-based)

· Agent Console designed fto support UCCX agents (CAD is embedded)

· Deskbar II  - great for anyone needing presence, call control, click-to-call 

All Consoles are fully integrated with UCM Directory and Active Directory. We also support connections to ODBC and CSV files to create phones books for use by operators when processing calls. For large-scale deployments a VistaPoint Server will support up to 600 Consoles in any combination. Our pricing makes them the most affordable Consoles on the market. Our Server-based Consoles are fully integrated with Google, Exchange 2010/13,365, and CUPS, Jabber, Lync, to provide presence and availability. 

VistaPoint "Lite" Console customers can trade-up to the server-based model at any time and receive a full purchase price credit towards the upgrade. 

The server-based version of VistaPoint support s our optional ACD Module to automaticall queue and distribute calls. This module also includes web-based reporting showing queue and operator activity. Console users are able to log in/out of their ACD queue(s), so that calls are automatically queued and distributed to them. Supervisors can monitor real-time queue activity, initiate silent monitoring and whisper coaching during training. The web-based reporting tool can be used to generate queue and agent activity reports...the ACD Module includes remote configuration of call queues (up to 100) and the Web-Based reporting package for a small fee of $1,500 (USD). 

To request a web-based demo, price quote, and in-house trial:

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