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VistaPoint Enterprise is a suite of applications and modules designed to meet customer-specific needs within the unified communications industry. These include: Stand-alone attendant console, server-based consoles (client and browser-based, ACD Module w/Reports, Call Tracker, Finesse Widgets,Emergency Notifications, integration with InformaCast, and much more. Markets supported include Healthcare, Education, Financial, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Government agencies, etc.

VistaPoint Consoles for Cisco Customers

VistaPoint Enterprise is a suite of software applications and modules that add significant value to Cisco UCM deployments. We offer several types of Consoles to fit every budget and they are fully compatible with all versions of CallManager from 6.x through UCM 11.x.

We have several VistaPoint Consoles to choose from and you can mix and match them to meet your organization’s exact needs and budget. We offer a “Lite” stand-alone console for serverless installations and a server-based solution that supports up to 600 consoles per VistaPoint server. We also offer an HA option for mission-critical deployments.

We also offer an ACD Module that fills the void between Cisco UCM’s Native Call Queuing and Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX). The module can be used to queue up calls to your primary operators or to setup a formal contact center where agents log in to receive queued calls. A web-based reporting package is included as well as a host of contact center features typically found in high-end call center solutions.

Call Tracker is an add-on module that allows Console users to collect caller data in real-time. For details on this product be sure to review the datasheet below.

VistaPoint Finesse Widgets - Agent and Supervisor gadgets. Call for details and download the datasheet. 

Our Consoles were designed by and for switchboard operators, receptionist, and executive assistants. They have been successfully deployed into every vertical market with a special emphasis on Healthcare, Education, Financial Institutions, and Professional Service firms.

We offer competitive pricing, web-based demos, and in-house evaluations to allow you to try before you buy!