Deployment Model: SaaS
Technology: Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) and Collaboration
Current version: 1.0
Publisher: ITALTEL S.p.A.

i-QAC (Italtel Quality Assurance Center) is a solution to perform active tests and collect measurements in order to evaluate the quality perceived by end users using different services on an IP network.

i-QAC platform consists of two main components:

  • i-QAC Manager: a cluster of servers used to perform centralized configuration and management of remote agents, to visualize reports and results and to export data collected from testplan executions;
  • i-QAC Agent: HW or SW appliance that executes tests and measurements according to testplans configured by operators through Agent Manager.

The iQAC solution guarantees its services with an OTT (over the top) approach.

This allows you to use this solution to monitor many of the services offered over an IP network.

In particular, iQAC has an important use as part of UC & C solutions, including Cisco HCS (Hosted collaboration solution).

By adopting iQAC, Telco Service Provider that deliver the HCS service to its customers is able to check the quality of provided services in all the different working situations.

Key characteristics:

  • QoE Measurement. Strongly oriented approach to measuring customer experience obtained by stimulating the network close to Customer’s premises in order to extract information about the status and level of service quality perceived.
  • Proactive caring support. The traffic simulations favor a proactive approach to the detection of service degradation for the customer base and thus allow to reduce the chances of disruption.
  • Easy to use and Scalable. It easily adapts to Operator’s needs and characteristics of service infrastructure in terms of ease of network insertion and scalability. By means of proper gateways Agents can be connected to various fixed and mobile access networks. It provides easy and quick access to measured data, KPIs and statistical analyses by means of built-in and configurable queries, graphics and reports.
  • CAPEX/OPEX reduction. Implementing a distributed, flexible and automated monitoring and testing system releasing engineers from repetitive tasks and poor added value activities.
  • Versatility. The addition of appropriate SW modules can leverage the use of the same platform for monitoring new services (video streaming, VoIP, http Web surfing, protocol testing, etc.).
  • KPI/KQI. Calculation of KPIs/KQIs according to reference standards (ITU and IETF).
  • Integrability. It allows the integration with monitoring functions of Network and Service Assurance Systems, in order to increase visibility of critical situations and prevent degradation of service.

i-QAC Manager can be installed on OEM physical servers or on virtual machines (it has been certified with vmware platform). The number of servers depends on the specific project.

i-QAC Manager is installed on GNU/Linux OS, CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux, on hardware Intel® x86-64 bit.

  • Easy to use administration
  • Advanced test plan management
  • Detailed performance charts
  • Current and historical data
  • Alarms, advanced thresholds and event analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • End-to-end network path analysis
  • Built-in and configurable performance reports

KPIs, KQIs and measurements:

  • Telephony:

    • R-Factor, MOS-CQE, GoB, PoW
  • IP:

    • Packet Loss, RTT, Jitter (ICMP, UDP), OWD
    • Path MTU, Path Jitter
  • Bandwidth:

    • FTP
    • Bulk Transfer Capacity
  • Applications:

    • FTP
    • HTTP
    • DNS
    • YouTube
    • Web navigation
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Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.0 None N/A