Headquarters Address
4633 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 280
Santa Clara, California 95054
United States
Primary Contact:
Nisha Agarwal
Phone: 925-262-7262
Tier 2

ITapp?s flagship product AppCenter transforms IT into next generation cloud services brokers that delivers IT services from internal and external clouds in real-time. ITapp enables enterprises to deliver IT services in 80% less time and cost than solutions from bigger vendors. It makes your Development & QA functions more productive through one click deployments of development & QA environments with the required IT governance & cost control on internal & external clouds (VMware, Xen, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, etc.). Our product has extensive integrations with Cisco ACI and NetApp storage. Together, with Cisco ACI, ITapp delivers a fully automated multi-tenanted application-centric cloud.

Applications are the lifeblood of businesses. To meet with the constant demand of consumers, businesses are building applications left, right, and center.  IT must keep pace with this explosion in applications. Enterprises that get ahead on their data center’s cloud adoption journey will be the future leaders of their respective industries. Together, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and ITapp’s AppCenter deliver a fully-automated application-centric cloud, a fabric-based model that allows application delivery to evolve in alignment with new innovations and business demands.

Each key infrastructure player is innovating at their individual layer to deliver a fabric-based model for their respective product. Cisco ACI offers the fabric-based model for the network. NetApp offers the fabric-based model for the storage. We stitch these layers - storage, network, compute, and platforms - delivering a fully-automated application-centric private cloud.

Cisco ACI provides an application-centric network policy framework empowering the delivery of dynamic networks, catering to the new fabric-based IT paradigm.  Using ACI fabric-based model, AppCenter provides dynamic provisioning of networks for multi-tiered applications. End-to-end application stacks including storage, compute, and platforms are deployed on the provisioned ACI networks. AppCenter stiches together the multiple infrastructure technologies that make the applications utilizing the appropriate profiles to serve the performance, protection, availability, and security needs of the applications. 

AppCenter's automation of Cisco ACI delivers isolated networks required by the applications. These networks are deployed per the Cisco validated designs, cutting down the time to deploy dramatically from weeks to minutes and reducing the complexity and errors. Combined with end-to-end applications stack (including storage and platforms) orchestration, AppCenter dramatically reduces the cost and time to market for their business applications. 

Harnessing the power of ACI, AppCenter unleashes IT and delivers end-to-end application stacks at the click of the button. Businesses can now focus on their business applications with IT walking hand-in-hand with business. This dramatically increases velocity of business keeping pace with today's customer demands.