Jacques Technologies Pty Ltd
Headquarters Address
WEST END, Queensland 4101
Primary Contact:
Philip Shepherd
Tier 1
IP communication equipment manufacturer

Jacques SIP-Proxy is a Jacques application that enables Jacques Intercom devices to connect to SIP devices (e.g. iPhone, Cisco IP Phones, Avaya, Asterisk, Vaxtele, Express Talk,etc.) and also to CUCM via SIP trunk . The Jacques SIP-Proxy application supports multiple calls between SIP devices and Jacques Intercom systems and allows for third party devices to initiate Public Address (PA) announcements and access control relays to the Jacques systems.

Supported by a SIP/PBX server, a SIP telephony device user may establish a call, perform a conversation and terminate a call to a Jacques Intercom Master or Slave Station. The SIP phone user is able to establish a PA call, make a PA announcement and terminate a PA call to a Jacques Intercom system. Additionally, the SIP phone user is able to initiate the operation of relays, such as access control functions, for devices supported by the Jacques’ Intercom system, during a connected call and/or other configured schedule.

All Jacques servers can act as SIP-Proxies with installation of the Jacques Electronics Linux (JELinux) packages. Installation of the required packages is through the web-based interface of the Jacques Servers. The Jacques SIP-Proxy application is supported by a SIP/PX server and operates via LAN, WLAN, WAN and other networks used internationally.