July Systems
United States
Primary Contact:
Dan Knight
Phone: 1-650-714-6071
Tier 1
Founded in 2001, we are pioneers in mobile experience and engagement platforms. Through a process of continuous innovation we have stayed ahead of the curve in a fast changing mobile landscape. We continue to rapidly evolve and grow supporting our customers – some of the best known brands in the world- through cutting-edge technologies, unmatched scalability and reliability. An award winning and a preferred mobile platform partner for enterprises across the globe, we are bringing together disparate elements of the mobile ecosystem – network infrastructure providers, service providers, OEMs/phone OS platforms, and most importantly, the business owners. Our Proximity MX platform, revolutionizing location based services, is a result of this journey.

Proximity MX is a location-based customer acquisition and multi-channel engagement platform that enables companies to acquire customers at their physical business locations, deliver rich customer experiences, and gain valuable behavior insights.

This innovative cloud-based software platform integrates with Cisco Meraki and CMX wireless solutions to deliver location based engagements and deep insights with unmatched reliability and scalability. With Proximity MX, companies can use their wireless networks to deliver personalized and differentiated experiences that help attract new customers and retain existing ones.