Deployment Model: On-premise and SaaS
Technology: Context Aware (App) and Wireless/Mobility
Publisher: Locatee GmbH


Locatee Analytics takes workspace optimization to the next level by providing real-time business intelligence on workspace usage. Our big data solution anonymously measures the number of employees and visitors in your buildings and determines their location. By measuring how smartphones, tablets and notebooks are connected to your existing IT infrastructure, we derive your employees’ and visitors’ location down to desk level accuracy. These measurements are aggregated and analyzed over time to determine your workspace demand. Locatee Analytics is able to automatically collect consistent data on the utili- zation of all types of workplaces without installing costly hardware sensors.



Locatee Analytics the accurate, cost-efficient and scalable solution to permanently analyse your entire real estate portfolio. It enables you to improve both strategic as well as operational workspace management, increasing your real estate perfor- mance sustainably.

Identify Required Space Capacity

Continuous and reliable data allows you to identify the required building capacity, to optimize your employee to desk sharing ratio and ultimately eliminate underutilized space. Plan for organizational changes and forecast future space requirements with higher planning security. Ensure efficient utilization of all your existing facilities and permanently realize cost savings across your entire real estate portfolio.

Improve Decision Making

Whether your company needs to decide on extending a lease contract or wants to consolidate its portfolio, Locatee Analytics serves as a continuous basis – always at hand – for data driven decision making. Our big data solution is a single source of truth with actionable performance metrics to your entire workspace, facilitating corporate real estate and facility management leadership. Base your strategic as well as operational decision on objective and granular data from all your sites down to a single workplace, instead of relying on guesswork.

Create a Better Workspace

Office space optimization is an ongoing process. Identify working patterns across all types of workplaces, re-purpose your workspace according to your employees’ needs and directly monitor the impact of your changes. A workspace tailored to the actual needs increases your employees’ productivity and satisfaction. 

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