LogRhythm is a leader in security intelligence and analytics, powering the next-generation SOC and enabling organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. The company’s patented Threat Lifecycle Management platform uniquely combines machine learning and behavioral analytics with next-gen SIEM, log management, network and endpoint forensics, user and entity and behavior analytics (UEBA), and security automation and orchestration capabilities. LogRhythm also provides unparalleled compliance automation and assurance, and enhanced IT operational intelligence. LogRhythm integrates with over two dozen Cisco products, providing centralized visibility and advanced security analytics across the Cisco-enabled environment and making security events actionable in the network.

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LogRhythm provides a best-of-breed unified Security Intelligence Platform, uniquely combining enterprise-class SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics, with Host and Network Forensics. Designed to help prevent breaches before they happen, LogRhythm accurately detects an extensive range of early indicators of compromise and provides an integrated response workflow, enabling end-to-end threat lifecycle management. The deep visibility and understanding delivered by LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform empowers enterprises to secure their networks, comply with regulatory requirements, and increase operational productivity.

LogRhythm delivers:

  • Behavioral Security Analytics (User/Entity, Network & Endpoint)
  • SIEM & Log Management
  • Network Monitoring & Forensics
  • Endpoint Monitoring & Forensics
  • Security Automation & Orchestration 

The Unified Platform for Threat Lifecycle Management

LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform delivers deep, real-time visibility into your entire IT environment to defend your organization from today’s threats. LogRhythm analyzes all of your forensic data. It fills gaps with endpoint and network sensors. With LogRhythm, you get the intelligence and tools you need to protect your network. Features include:

  • Forensic Data Collection: You can’t detect what you can’t see. LogRhythm collects log and machine data from across your enterprise and augments this machine data with critical context. Network and endpoint forensic sensors provide further visibility
  • Discover: Our Big Data security analytics approach ensure that no threat goes unnoticed. Machine analytics analyze all collected data—detecting both routine and advanced threats automatically. Powerful search capabilities enable your team to efficiently hunt for threats and reduce mean time to detection.
  • Qualify: An efficient qualification process allows your team to analyze a greater number of alarms without adding staff to do so. LogRhythm automatically qualifies all threats with a 100-point, risk-based priority score so your team will know where to spend their time effectively. Alarms also provide immediate access to rich forensic detail.
  • Investigate: It’s critical to ensure that qualified threats are fully investigated. LogRhythm enables collaborative investigations with embedded incident response capabilities, case management, and collaborative workflows so nothing slips through the cracks. Dashboards and live activity feeds give your team real-time visibility into active investigations and incidents.
  • Neutralize: When an incident is qualified, ever second counts. Easily accessible and updated incident response processes, coupled with pre-qualified SmartResponse™ automated playbook actions, to drastically reduce mean time to respond to threats.
  • Recover: Collateral damage could exist after an incident. Threats may lurk in the system or return through a backdoor. LogRhythm’s incident response orchestration provides central access to all forensic investigation information for rapid recovery.
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
7 Network Security - Security and Policy Management
  • Cisco ASA 55xx
Network Security - Threat Grid
  • Threat Grid Cloud Subscriptions - 3.x
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