Smartmarker, in essence the next-generation of our legacy eBeam system, introduced in late February is a simple, portable and low-cost solution for recording and sharing of whiteboard content in real-time.  The product simply integrates seamlessly into customer’s current conference room environments, whether a traditional whiteboard or whiteboard paint, to record whiteboard content not requiring the customer to adapt the environment for the solution.  Further, we are due to release a stylus solution soon, using our eBeam technology, providing content creation and annotation for remote meeting participants via stylus usage on a Telepresence or LCD system.  This LCD solution, through our eBeam product, is being deployed in schools currently as part of Cisco's SLED organization (Troy City NY) already and will be part of the full bidirectional collaboration solution.  In lieu of a more integrated solution, our Notestream function within our EquilNote application enables the Smartmarker, LCD stylus and any touchscreen device, such as an iPad, to become an input device for real-time collaboration and annotation thereby allowing attendees to participate in impromptu whiteboard sessions during the meeting.  

Our product solutions combined when combined with our application support the full line of Collaboration endpoints (MX Series, DX) and WebEx providing a solution to the missing link of a flexible whiteboard solution which is much more native than a mouse-based solution.  The addition of the LCD stylus or the app on a touchscreen-device, such as an iPad, closes the loop for full bidrectional communication and annotation of content.

As we are pursuing new customers for this product including many Fortune 100 / 1000s in addition to SMBs, the consistent feedback is virtual whiteboard solutions from the various web conferencing solutions including WebEx are inconvenient while restricting use to whiteboarding via a mouse on a computer (camera-based solutions pointing at whiteboards are a whole other pain point for many companies).  The customer desires a solution which is easy to use, adapts to the client’s environment regardless of the surface (whiteboard, glass, whiteboard paint) and just simply works.

Luidia provides such a solution and, hence, evaluation of our technology, recommendations to your customers and testing is already being completed by your Richardson team, field operations teams (One Penn, SLED - Karen Manning, Hong Kong and Singapore - plus many others).  We are also currently sending additional evaluation units to Richardson and Oslo for testing. 


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·         Capture whiteboard notes to all your devices

·         Edit whiteboard content after the fact

·         Stream or Broadcast and share with remote colleagues in real time

·         Using the product family’s stylus on a Telepresence / LCD or a touchscreen mobile device allows remote users to annotate and bidirectionally collaborate in real-time

·         Save thousands of whiteboard sessions to memory and import them to your Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices when it’s convenient

·         Keep your content in sync with Dropbox or iCloud.  Even sync your notes to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote with one click

·         Adapts to the environment allow utilization of any whiteboard– whether a traditional whiteboard, paint or glass

·         Product solution is completely portable allowing the user to shove into a pocket or briefcase moving meeting locations or even while on the go

·         The largest recording area of 8’ x 5’ on both sides of the sensor

·         Easy to use – just pick it up and start whiteboarding

·         Cost effective solution and integrates well with Cisco solutions

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