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Christopher Raff
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Medical Informatics solutions give care teams access to the data needed to take action for alarm management and safety. Nurses are flooded with hundreds of alarms from patient monitoring devices during just one shift, and as a result they are frequently at risk to miss high priority alarms. Our Sickbay software platform enables continuous data collection from a comprehensive set of devices, and our team works collaboratively with your Alarm Steering Committee to create targeted solutions that minimize risk and allow care teams to focus on “actionable alarms.”

The Sickbay™ Clinical Platform is a software product that captures data from hospital bedside monitors. It stores the data for Medical Research and enables Clinicians to remotely view bedside monitor data while connected to the hospital's secure network. 

Indications for Use

The intended population is any patient: pediatric, adult and, geriatric.

The intended environment for use is a hospital setting (e.g. ICU or ER) in which the patient is being monitored by physiological monitors. 

Sickbay Clinical Platform expects three types of users: Clinicians, Clinician Managers, and Administrators.

For Clinician users, the Sickbay Clinical Platform offers two applications: Patient Monitor and Patient Alarm Data. 

·         Patient Monitor application enables a Clinician to view data originating from patient bedside monitors in a web browser. 

·         Patient Alarm Data application enables a Clinician to access an aggregate view of the recent Alarm and Vitals History of a patient. It displays this information as a timeline of alarms and distribution of vital sign frequency. Based on this distribution, it offers the time spent above or below certain vital sign values. This is not meant to be for active monitoring, but for alarm environment analysis. It is displayed in a web browser.

For the Clinician Manager user Sickbay Clinical Platform supports two applications: Alarm Dashboard and Alarm Analytics. 

·         Alarm Dashboard application enables a Clinician Manager to understand the current alarm environment of the Hospital as a whole and of various Hospital ICU units in particular. It compares the recent day or shift alarm load with the last 90 days (or some other interval) to enable trendspotting. 

·         Alarm Analytics (Dashboard Unit Level) application enables a Clinician Manager to analyze alarm loads by bed, by alarm type and by nurse in any unit in the hospital. It compares the recent day or shift alarm load with the last 30 days (or some other interval) to enable trendspotting. 

For the Administrator user Sickbay Clinical Platform supports one application: Sickbay System Tools. 

·         Sickbay System Tools application enables the Administrator to view the state of the parts of the platform and to modify some parameters and permissions. 

Cybersecurity: Because Sickbay lives behind the security systems of the Hospital and relies on those systems, MIC requires customer hospitals to have reasonable cybersecurity policies with well-maintained firewalls and anti-virus software, and good separation of the hospital’s clinical data network from the public internet.