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"Providing your guest with Internet access should be as natural as offering a cup of coffee - and should take no longer. That’s why we have developed a cloud-based solution that works on any network, just as we would like "

Netgraph Connect is a feuture-rich guest access solution that works on any wired and wireless network.

And more, besides providing new and smart guest sign-in functionality and Spark Bot Assistance the platform also offers true multi-tenancy and scalability suitable for service providers (MSPs).

Netgraph Connect, a guest access solution that works on any wired and wireless network, supports Open API integrations and includes built in guest portals and authentication modules. Network services such as DHCP, DNS and message services are also included by default and management is simply done through the cloud-based administration portal. Sounds easy right? Well it is.

For example, the simple, yet sophisticated solution means that:

  •  You have a unified and structured Guest Wi-Fi with many options
  •  Your guests do not have to queue and wait for login
  •  Meetings get started faster
  •  Employees and students only log in once. The system recognizes users and logs them in automatically. It is  especially useful in schools, in large companies or in tourist destinations your visitor frequently returns to.

Plug & Play install, easy to manage and fits any network no matter what technical equipment you have previously.

How does it work?

A great deal of networks in the world have one thing in common.. a Cisco router or firewall representing the border between the inside networks and the internet.

To get it going you just need three things...

  • An existing network with an internet connection
  • a Cisco router
  • and Netgraph Connect

By using Cisco routers as data plane and service gateways for Netgraph Connect our Software Defined Network solution can continue to scale with no limit.

Small, large and distributed networks can easily be joint into a single guest network giving the guests a unified end-user experience.

The cloud-based guest access platform interacts and integrates into any Cisco ISR G2, Cisco ISR 4000, Cisco CSR1000v or Cisco ASR router.


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Guest Access - Sign-in options for guests and employees

When visitors connect to a guest network it needs to be a self-instructed solution. For both visitors and employees to enjoy. Visitors simply joins the guest wifi and gets redirected to a portal page. Once loaded the visitors can choose between different ways to sign in, easily configured by the administrator.

Netgraph Connect offers several unique sign-in modules which can be activated a long side each other on the same guest wifi.

  •  Guest sponsored access with email integration
  •  Guest Access based on Conference / Group ID
  •  Guest Access with email sign in and verification, Self-Provisioning
  •  Domain policy for differentiated access, used for employee access
  •  Click through access – Quick Access
  •  Mac-based whitelist
  •  Event page redirect
  •  Restful API support for customized access solutions

Guest   sponsored   access

This sign-in module allows you to determine who can connect to the guest network and how long the access should be. You no longer need to interfere with the reception to help your guests connect to the guest network. There is also no need to remember difficult usernames or passwords!

Your visitor simply applies for internet access and the request is sent to you by email for approval. The request also comes to your attention through your collaboration tool such as Cisco Spark. Once approved the guest device gets access.


Conference / Group ID

In some cases, there is a need to provide more people with access to the guest network in a short period of time. During event, training or larger meetings, the built-in Conference/ Group ID feature can be used to advantage.

Guests can choose the Conference/Group ID login option on the portal page and fill in a conference-specific conference ID. Conference ID must either be booked in advance via a conference manager responsible for the company or employees have the opportunity to create their own Conference/Group ID via the Self-Service portal. 



This sign-in module lets you as a Hotel guest or employee of a company connect to the guest network with your own device. When you connect to the guest wifi and sign-in by using your e-mail address, your device is initially assigned a short-term internet access. At the same time, you will receive an email where you can verify that you are about to sign in for the service. After verifying the sign-in, the Internet access will be extended to a time configured by the administrator (e.g., 3 days, 1 month, 3 years).



This option can be useful for customer who wants to provide a password sign-in functionality. The module comes in two flavors. Plain passwords or renewable passwords can be created. A password policy can be configured to suit every generated password set. The renewable password policy also includes the opportunity to schedule regeneration and add a subscriber list of passwords administrator (email).


Click through

When joining the guest network the visitor must read an acceptable use policy (AUP) page, and then click on a button indicating agreement to the terms of the policy. Then the visitor receives access to the internet for a specified time period. The administrator can easily adjust for how long the access is valid. 


Event redirect

This feature instantly adds and redirects guests to a specified location when joining the network. A timer starts when the guest connects and at the end of the time period the guest will once more be redirected to the origin specified location and another time period starts all over. This module can come in handy for big events or large conferences providing shorter access periods without the click-through procedure.

When this feature is enabled all other sign-in options is turned off. 


Other devices

Devices like Printers, Apple-TVs and Gaming consoles can be challenging to board on a guest network. Netgraph Connect provides several ways for both administrators and guest users to manually board this kind of devices themselves. Also known as whitelist or MAB.


Self Service & Cisco Spark Integration 

Through the Self-Service Portal you can manage your own and your guest's devices on the guest network. Depending on how the administrator configured your permissions, you can:

  • Manage your own Devices
  • Manage your Guests
  • Create and manage Conferences & Passwords
  • Manually add and manage Other Devices

For more employee management the system also inlcudes your own Cisco Spark Bot. By integrating with the Spark Collaboration Tool you can activate a personal Network Assistant to handle all your guest access operations.


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